Saturday, July 30, 2011

I call them nerds.

I asked them to write something on a piece of paper. Something to cheer someone up who was crying a few minutes ago. And their replies ? 'What for ? I am not the kind of person who cheers people'. I have never met such person before. Never in my life.

It was our 14 months anniversary yesterday. We only went to Sushi King at night after our movie. A total of 81 plates. Damn.

Till then.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So far.

I met Steve when I was on my way home. He came to me and we talked. I don't know why the hell I had this kind of feeling, a feeling where he still belongs to me, a feeling that he once belonged to me, the fact that we used to be together.

It's true, like what he said, we have not meet each other for ages and for god sake, I was really shocked to meet him - at the lrt station.

I know it is the pass and I have to look forward, where I already have one now, who loves me.

Yours truly,