Thursday, December 29, 2011

Auld Lang Syne

It’s the end of Semester 1 today. Had our final and it was not bad overall. Days have been pretty hectic and pathetic. Sick for weeks and I'm still coughing now. Damn, I need more vitamins.

He will be leaving for Taiwan on the 26th of Feb for 2 damn years. Yeah, to study for sure. It tortures not seeing him for 1 week but now, for goodness sake, TWO years! It will definitely cost him a lot if he calls me from Taiwan and the same goes to me. We can only Skype or MSN at night as we have classes in the morning.

He doesn't know how to cook. He doesn't know that it is a must to finish up the antibiotic medicine. He needs people to wake him up every morning. He doesn't know how to take care of himself. How can he manage to 'survive' there? How can I not worry?

What's worse? What if he has a new girlfriend there? What if he forgets me? What if he starts to ignore me as time pass by ? Oh my.

Ughh, why do I have to face all these?

I need strength, please.

Nicole Tee

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kenangan Terindah.

I didn't know how each of us work together so close, so close that there were even times when one yelled out loud, saying that she needed to pass motion and us (Didn't know why we, too, had the urge to poo), followed her to the loo and had our business started - we then pooped together.

It is not that we are friends since primary or secondary schools. We only started getting along with each other on the 8th of August and you can see it is only December now- not even half a year passed. I guess because we see each other like, everyday, every minute, every second ?

We complain. we tease, we use foul language and we never get bored of saying the same things again and again. We laugh and laugh and laugh even over little things like, 'she snored'. Aah.

I like how things are going on, how everything worked out so nice, so perfect that I know, after 5 and a half year here, when everyone start leaving, back to where they supposed to be, I'll surely cry like a baby or maybe worse than a baby. I will definitely miss each of everyone of you, the moments that nothing can replace such beautiful memory.

Do you guys understand the kind of feeling I am having now ?

Nahh, you don't.

Till then.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


In a blink of an eye, it is already December and a few more weeks, its 2012 ! High school, 5a9, besties, Club, Girl Guide, boyfriends, everything seem to happen yesterday. Like we always say, time flies on super -fast wings. Everything seem to move so fast, so fast that sometimes I wish to stop, to pause that moment so that I can enjoy a lil, to enjoy every bits of life but hey, life is pathetic, always pathetic, right? There's no way time could turn back and all we can is to treasure every moment we have. Human do get old.

Life has been pretty hectic. Lots of assignments and presentations and worse, debate with 3 camera recorders with audience to ask questions. I never knew such tasks are for us, the future teachers to be completed. I guess that's all for this semester and then I heard someone in the crowd saying, 'there's more to come.'


Life. This is life.

Nicole Tee.