Friday, June 24, 2011

Wangsa Walk.

Taa-Daa !
I have lots of things to post, to express how I felt these few days and hell, hectic week!

Family and I and aunts, uncles and cousins went Seremban to celebrate Father's Day. It was obvious that grandpa looked happy that day. We did not stay over because I had class on Monday. Damn. Grandma's poppiah was awesome. I ate 4 and hell, think of it, I should have eaten more. Holy. Later, we went to a nearby restaurant to have our dinner. It was scrumptious! I don't mind gaining weight to have such meal again. Heh. ;)

Pictures will be uploaded later. Thanks to my laziness.

On Monday, (we always have our 3 hours break after English Tutorial on Mondays) all of us went Wangsa Walk for lunch. I have never been there before, not even once. Nothing special, just another ordinary shopping malls. =) It took ages for everyone of us to decide what to have for lunch. We ended up at Georgetown White Coffee. Food was terrible - no offence. =;= I can barely taste the soup of the koay teow I ordered and damn, the chocolate drink was the worst drink I have ever tried.

We talked and bullshitted a lot.=)

Pictures later.


Sunday, June 19, 2011


Yesterday was my most pathetic day in my life. I never walked so much before. Curse you for sleeping like an anus. My legs hurt so much now. Thanks a lot. Really a lot !


Friday, June 17, 2011


Phone rang and I answered. One of my friends from U.S phoned me. I was a lil shocked when he phoned me telling me that he has reached Malaysia and asked me out for a tea. I went after my college with darling fetching me there. He, too, had a talk with this fellow. =)

A guy named Meng Kit.

I remember those days when this guy and I argued a lot. Really a lot like there's no tomorrow. We used to back stabbed each other and scolding each other so much. Well, it is a was. Not now anymore. (:

Pictures taken by darling in a cafe at Kuchai Lama.

He is not ready.

Kepala senget.

One last shot.



As what I promised, pictures. =)
Captured these photos with my Aino. Thanks hubby for the phone.
I likey. =)

Spot my 'tattoo'. :D

The menu.

Chicken Fricassee served with
Pilaf Rice and fresh vegetable.

Egg Florentine;
I only like the toppings. Never tried such egg before.

Dessert of the day. I thought something yummy but, ughh.

How it looks like after breaking into half.

Vivian, the joker.

Everyone calls her Kim Kim. (:

Li Kwan. The shorty. :P

Lastly, me. =)

Love lots.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All eyes on us.

Sometimes, I really wonder. Do people actually read my blog ? I know, yes I know, I abandoned my blog for a few months but I tried my best updating them as frequent as I can nowadays.

Here goes what happened today.

I had my lecture class at 10 in the morning and tutorial class at 12.30. Friends and I were late for class for about 15 minutes ( luckily it was English class! Not much things to catch up :] ) because we went to a restaurant located IN our college to have lunch for the very first time. We didn't know they serve the food one after one, which means, they only serve the 2nd food after the 'customers' (mainly Tarcians) finish the first one. The so-called waiter and waitress there are students from TARC who study Hotel Management. So damn cool and interesting !

The weird and awkward moment was when four of us stepped into the restaurant, all the 'workers' looked at us and said 'welcome'. We were the first customer so its like damn pai seh. lol.

For the food, I rate 2/5. I don't really like the food there (cooked by Tarcians too). The food look delicious and nice but I never expect it to taste like that.

Pictures will be uploaded later. Stay tune. =)

Lots of love,

Thursday, June 9, 2011


8.35 PM. I walked all the way to her car, alone in the dark. It was raining and I'm without my umbrella. What's best was he thinks I'm a joker.

Yesterday was my very first time staying up so late at college. I have to wait for my sister. It wasn't fun. At all. No leng zais. No leng luis. What a life.

Whatever. There is this teen, a sexy, beautiful teen who is in the same course as I am, has a fan page with more than 30 millions fans. I only knew this yesterday. Life is so unfair, right ? Gosh, stop complaining, Nicole. Be grateful =;=

She is really awesome. Really do. =)


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Things isn't going well these few days. Lots of things to do and even have tests next week. Damn. :/

I don't like it when you acted this way. Thanks to someone who actually brainwashed you. Don't act like a dumbo and take things nonchalantly. I start to hate you. Like so freaking much.

Eew. FML

Friday, June 3, 2011


Yes, I know I abandoned my blog for a few months. Thanks to my laziness. Heh. High school over. Got my SPM result and hell yeah, college life begin.

College life ISN'T that exciting after all. Frankly, it is so not awesome! So freaking NOT !

I am forced to face some idiots who think that they are super awesome and cool but eh, you are so not okay ? You don't have to over react like there's no tomorrow. God damn it. You are like a ' b ' man. I wonder how your so-called friends deal with your god-damn attitude!

Get a life, moron.

With lots of LOVE.