Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let myself be sincere.

Hello people, I am here to update my awesome blog!
*drum rolls*


I saw somebody buying this much of cucumbers and sorry to say that I can't stop laughing.


Today we had the badan beruniform's meeting. Why does everyone says Siew Thong and I are fierce? 0.o
Are we?
Jangan takut weng weng. xD

I really hate some of the guides because they are so impolite and terrible. They don't respect people and yeah, they are going to suffer for the whole year from me. -,- I don't understand why they don't understand simple malay. I have to shout and yell at them just to make them pay for the fees even though I have already told them yesterday and the day before. Some are like worse - they paid, they learned the way to march, they got all the scoldings and in the end, they asked for their money because they want to quit and I have to pull my money out and that looked bad. Really bad. LOL

I was asked to see Mr.L after the meeting so I went with Kadine and Arrica. I prepared all my stuffs, wrote them nicely and neatly with my beautiful handwriting (*perasan) yesterday night for teacher. Little did I know that I have to type and print them out. -,- So the only thing I can do is, redo. Yeah .. I know I am a good V.P. deal with it, baby. =)

Kadine sent me a link of a girl's facebook. She rocks! She is so handsome weii. Yes, handsome. Don't ask me for her link, baby. You know I wont give. SHE is MINE. LOL


Oh yeah, look at what rubbish I did. heh.


Till then.

Monday, January 25, 2010

So not awesome.

Intervensi exams are finally over. I didn't really study for this exams because I think it is not that important. Had addmad and moral today and I hate them. I just don't like them especially additional mathematics. ):

I reached school at 7.25 plus and obviously I was late for school but I managed to get into the class 5 minutes before the test. Fortunately, I escaped from punishment. =) Thanks to my awesome sister for not ironing my uniform. heh. I know I am a bad sister but so what? Deal with it. ;p

I don't know what the hell is wrong with my arm. It hurts a lot - since last week. I couldn't wear my clothes properly because of my muscular arm. Aww. ): There is something wrong with my face. I see ugly pimples on my skin. Oh my ...

Sometimes, I don't understand what teacher actually wants. What's the use of president? Why me? ɟɟo ssɐ

Till then.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Petaling Street

Okay, everything went well as what was planned in the beginning of the week. I went to Petaling Street with Tasha today and overall it was okay. At least we had fun with stupid jokes. It was quite disappointing knowing that hann jian cannot make it at the last minute because his mum doesn't let him but it is okay, don't need to feel guilty. (:

We met up at Salak Selatan's lrt at around 10 am and off to China Town. We both wore red and we looked awkward in those shops selling Chinese New Year stuffs. Later on, we went Popular and saw Chun Yew there so we talked for some time. He is terrible. lol.

Next, we headed to a shop nearby to buy waffles and bubble teas. Xin Mei, Pui Ying, blabla were there. (: Ate and went to McD. lol. Yeah, Tasha said she is hungry. lol. So we ordered 2 sets. Talked and blah. (:

We bought quite a lot of stuffs and I wasted 30 plus bucks. Awww. lol.
Went back at 4 something. =)


I lost the anklet ...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Don't you think Lady Ga Ga is great? I love her songs. =)
By the way, Happy Birthday my sexy girl !

Well well well, nothing interesting things going on these few days. I only know having this kind of boring life sucks.

Yesterday was terrible. I mean, overall, it was terrible, really TERRIBLE. I think I am going to go coo-coo. I can't stand the tuition teacher anymore. He is so freaking fierce and strict. Okay, I attended Chemistry class yesterday and I almost die - lack of oxygen. lol. You see, I bet everyone holds their breath when they are too nervous right ? Yesterday's lesson was an extraordinary one because he spent almost one hour asking questions. My heart was beating super duper fast and I was trembling. My fingernails were purple in colour. Please tell me I am blind and thank god my heart did not drop off.

Oh yeah, I almost puke because I think I swallowed too much of air - not hiccup or what. I mean it, puke.

I wonder who will safe me if I faint there. hahah.Whatever. He ruined my day and I hate him.

Right. Back to what happened between Siew Thong and I during Moral subject. It started when Siew Thong hit my head so I hit hers back and she did the same thing again. The funny part was when I looked up, I saw teacher staring at us with her opened mouth. hahah. (:

Gee. Today was not bad. I love talking to my handsome president. lol. joking sia. All the yellow house and blue house ahli have to stay back today for the latihan rumah sukan thingy so I did. Mum came at 4 something. =,= I waited alone like an idiot there. Thanks to him for offering to accompany me and sorry Kadine =) I think I will love you to death if you say you are jealous. LOL.

Sometimes, life is meaningless. Sooner or later, it will still fade.

Till then.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back To School

To all my fans, I am sorry for not updating my blog. ;p Yes, I know I am getting lazier and lazier. ):

Time flies on super-fast wings. I still remember the first day I stepped into SMK Sri Sentosa, when I was only 13 years old. I remember how good I am, with fringe tied up, short fingernails and high socks. Miss Yap even said - ''Su Poh is quiet.''

Everything seem to change. I am no longer that quiet little shy girl with short fingernails, high socks (I remember clearly in my mind what Kadine said before - 'The higher your socks, the bitchier you are.'') and tidy, neat hair (Pn.Rasidah menegur the famous kelas saya kerana banyak orang mempunyai rambut anymore.

Now, I am already 16 plus, a Form 5 student, and a more 'mature' person. I start to love my friends and my 'kononnya awesome school.' (:

Right. The first day of school was okay. I like the place I am sitting now because someone is sitting nearby me and sitting beside Natasha is great because I get to ahem with her. Not to forget, Siew Thong, my crazy partner. =)

Our class is at the highest floor and this is what I hate the most. Siew Thong and I always complain - sambil naik tangga sambil complain. lol. How I wish the new principal build an escalator. Seriously lor, very tired and my legs almost patah + I almost pengsan. lol. joking sia.

Mr.Mok Hann Jian, Mr Tham Wei Kien, Mr.Koh Chin Kim and Ms. Loi Siew Thong,
I update for you people, okay ?
Blow me a kiss larhh. =)

Till then.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bye 2009

A new year, a new start.
Harlo 2010 ! =)

So, how was countdown yesterday night? Mine was not bad. (: I did not go out, stay in the house je - MSN countdown with Jun, Kitty, Kelvin, Eurica, Monica and sexy. (: It was funny. All of us are really ..., pervert geeks. lol. Talked a lot of craps till 2 something am.

I think I am addicted to Poker. I tell you, very fun lor and very chi gek lor. Eurica damn geng lor. Dylon also very geng lor. Kept winning. The place I sat yesterday night, the feng shui damn not good lor. 20++ K fly away dy. Then Die Lor asked me to change place lor. So, I changed, then hor, kept winning leh. I so happy lehh.

LMAO. wth am I trying to say? lol.

Yo, buddies, let me win money. hehe

mari mari play poker with me.