Friday, July 24, 2009 sweet. :D

Everyone finished their oral test today and I like Mun Fai and Suresh's the most - The Golden Bra. They really did a great job and the part I laughed the most is The Curse - Ala@#*~@ fow fow. Everyone including the teacher laughed too. xD

Today will be my last day of school and I can only be back after my operation, urmm.. around 1 or 2 months. Hopefully everything go well. (: God is always beside me. heh.

Thank you auntie Joyce who gave me advices and supports. She called me and we talked for more than 40 minutes. She even asked me what I like the most and promised me that she will buy for me anything I like. She says she will visit me. Awww .. malu larh. =(
and and also to all my friends. I read all of your blogs and urm .. messages and ohh .. terharu larhh. xD
These are what they wrote =)

su poh, good luck in your op. must come back to school next time taller and sexier arr ;) haha. take care.


Oh ya good luck Su Poh!! Hope your operation will success. Hehe^^
Siew Thong

GoodLuck to MissTee for your operation, get well soon =) , and dont worry I will miss you like nuts! hehe, loveyou.
Mei Yu

Oh by the way, to ms Su Poh, I'll pray for your operation. May it be a success. :) This girl i tell you, she's one of my crazy friend. A very happy go lucky person and laugh at just about everything :D She can be very very angry in this moment, and next when you turn around, she's already laughing. hahahahah.
Shin Wei

I wish Su Poh all her best in her operation. Do heal and come back to school early! We miss your mad, sudden burst of laughters that always has everyone in class looking at you. :P
Tsu Chung

good luck all the way :) we love you
Francis and friends.

I will always support you, Good LUcK FoR YoUR OperaTiOn ^.^
I'll miss you... Take care..
C. Kai Sheng

First of all, I wish Su Poh all the best in her coming operation. I hope she will recover fast and come back to school as soon as possible. May the god bless her . ^.^
Zhee Meng

wish su poh sis ..good luck in her operation mistake ,sucess forever ..
loves hann jian =P
Hann Jian

Thanks Weng Yan. I saw the messge you texted me. (: I am happy .., you know ??
and also thank you ~> Bro, MK, Alyssa, Roveen, Meng, Nic, Pra, Shar, Dada, Xuan, Lydz, Yew, Tasha, Ai, Chee Han, darling Ka Hing xD, Spen, Ho, Sk, Des, (friends- urmm..some of the EXP ppl baa), Kien, Eu, Michelle, ying yen, eeva, xin mei and others ( banyak nii .. ) for your lucks.

Thank You ...

Going to hospital on Monday. I have to pack all my things and stuff them into my luggage ! Gee.. bringing my handphone .. or not ?? I want to bring lots of food but mommy says NO. =( I want to bring my bolster along too .. ! aikss. Mum told me ~~> ''bring mai the whole house go lorhh, ban.'' ==
*no worries, ks. I will be fine. (:
*bro, sis always sayang you. =)

By the way, I won't be updating my blog for a period of time. (after Monday)

sing me a lullaby ..

till then.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Isn't it sweet when someone wishes you all the best and says something really sweet sambil sayang your cheek ?
hahah. Thanks Alyssa for your lucks. =) and also to others.
To my sister, a special 'Thank You' to you for telling me to die.
thanks !


School as usual today but during recess, something happened and I - the retard laughed damn banyak tapi no sound. xD Natasha, Kadine, Siew Thong and I hided somewhere and ST and Natasha have to cover my mouth with their hands to prevent urmm .. stopping me from laughing ( because they said and did something funny maaa. heh. ) out loud.
wow wow wow !!
Rupanya saya boleh ketawa tanpa mengeluarkan suara. xD but of course very suffering. lOl. C'mon, I used to laugh very loud
( urm..actually sekarang pun ada nii) right ?? heh.

English oral will be on Friday. Yes, tomorrow. Hopefully, Eu Gene and I can present our dialogues properly and uhh .. successfully.

By the way, people .. eat more vegetables and fruits to prevent constipation. =) heheh.

Someone said something about Exploration Club in her blog. Geee..
Click here.
Even though I don't know what is going on but I hope you guys will be okay. :)


Monday, July 20, 2009

uh huh xD

I am HOT !
yeah ..
The weather is driving me crazy.. really crazy. @@
As usual, we have assembly every Mondays and we-the students have to sit on the floor listening to the announcements, LAWAD, peribahasa and so and so. Teachers pulak can sit on the chairs.
unfair right ?? fine.

First period was Chemistry so we have to go Chemist lab- that's for sure and oh lord .. no electricity for 2 periods. I was sweating and luckily I put my fringe up. xD Kadine and Arrica can still sing songs. hahah. *claps claps*

I laughed really a lot today because of a clown- Brandon Chin.
Well, Eu Gene and I are supposed to practise saying our dialogues with 'feelings' but he cannot do it especially the - '' hey ! hi ! ''.
So, Brandon took the script and 'taught' Eu Gene the way of reading it with 'feelings'. That's the time my 'laughing disease start' till my stomach ached. geeee
There is a part where Eu Gene is suppose to say the word 'uh huh' but end up, Brandon and I start rapping and beatboxing (ofcourse I don't know this 1 larhh. xD, Brandon did this.) using the word uh huh. hahah. I know we made too much noise so, sorry people.

By the way,
Thanks Thong for sending me those pictures.

till then.


smile for me to see..

I really cannot stand those fools ( yes, you got them right.-FOOLS-) that treat him like that. I don't want to make it obvious so I just use the word or maybe the name 'him'.

I remembered what you said.
you will never forgive him
I agree and I support you because I do think he is a one of the fools making a big fuss there. such bastard. I say he is a coward ! MORON.

It does not worth it, you know ?? Remember what I said last time ??
smile for me to see

I will always support you, kay ??

Tell me when you feel sad and moody ..
share with me how you feel ..
I will always be there just for you ..

with loves.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I am supposed to go to National HQ today, early in the morning but unfortunately, mum has to fetch my sister to tuition so she cannot make it. I wanted to call Pn.Toh to give me a ride to HQ but I changed my mind and now, I regret for not calling her.

I saw Thong's blog and the event look awesome !

Hmm ..
I think it is okay because at least I can use the computer to online (: and chat and and reply comments. * wink*

Sister bought 2 pendants (an alphabet 'T' and alphabet 'K' ) and I like it especially the alphabet 'T' . I 'begged' my sister to give it to me but she said NO. A firm NO. == fine.
I will buy myself 1 or maybe 2 or maybe 3 or 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 after my operation. I will go shopping and buy lots lots of stuff. (: Can you imagine that kind of life ??

I think everything is going pretty well. At least I don't have to 'type' so much things already.
I gotta feeling .. that tonight gonna be a good night ...

nights everyone.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I laughed so much yesterday because of my LOVABLE BRO !!
thanks !
you rock, bro .. do you know ??

I went to school at 8++ am ( I know I am late. xD ) for girl guide stuff. Nothing much to do BUT I had so so so so much fun with Xin Mei and Eugene ! The popcorn did by 1 of the groups (PBSM) is great. AWESOME. Xin Mei and I tried. Kar Men took the most. hahah.
I saw Kumaran, Asthen, Ganesh, Pra, Shar and others today. They went to school to attend a talk about ---. xD
Later, Eugene and I played something. Laughed too much till my stomach ache. aikss. His hand was red in colour. (: Played game and he is the loser. hahah.

Reached home at 11++ pm . Ate lunch and get ready for something. heh.
Mum and I went shopping because I insisted to go. Bought lots of FOOD (: !! and ate ice-cream.
I even went around the mall - looking for nice gifts for two of my friends.
(xm and wk) but the stuff they sold there are lame so I did not buy anything. ==
I will try my best to get something for you. -wink-

I know who you are but I don't care .. as I said. Do what you want. By the way, what you say or scold won't hurt or make me angry anymore. You are not that important after all. Thank god for this. ( you back stabbed others also larr... rmb what you told me about her ? macam larhh you very innocent. == )

To my brother, sister and KS,
I want to meet you guys and my stepsister A.S.A.P !! xD Miss all of you so much. Miss me boh ??


Friday, July 17, 2009

Don't give me a damn.

I think someone is stupid enough. Not telling who the person is but 'siapa makan cili, dia yang rasa pedas'.

To you people..,
Don't show me such faces. You should now that your lip is already THICK so stop doing that. It looks extremely ugly !! Who cares whether you hate me or like me. I don't give a damn about it. All I want is go for my operation successfully. Curse me if you wish and to make your wish comes true, you can also pray. I don't care. Spread your so-called 'virus' to me and try your f***king best to make me sick. If something happen to me, I will haunt you till the day you die. Believe it or not, it is your choice. Don't you know that I cannot fall sick at this moment ?? You don't ʞɔnɟ but you suck. * those people* Go on bullshitting and backstab me if you like. I used to like you but past is past. It is over and I no longer care about you. I only care and want my used-to-be close friend. I miss you .. do you know ??

( I don't write your bad things on the blog unless you started it. )

Laughed quite a lot with Tasha ( my so-called mommy) xD. Had fun with her and sorry for 'slapping' your arm. heh.

That's all for today, I think. =)


Thursday, July 16, 2009


Did not update my blog for three days already so, here I come. :)
Exhibition Day is already over and I miss the day. seriously.
Yesterday, Exploration club had meeting after school so I stayed back. President and secretary (2009) had already discussed among themselves about the ajks for next year. Next year's president will be Chen Wei. Congrats. I don't need to type out my post as everyone already saw my stupid name on the whiteboard this morning.
I think I start to like him ( others, jangan perasan larhh. xD) .. I wish you are not the one I like. oh lord ..
I want to play basketball badly !! Grrrrr

There will be a perjumpaan this Saturday but there is a carnival going on on the same Saturday too. aikss. No idea what to do. cut myself into two ?? *slaps forehead*

Off to Bio lab early in the morning and we did another experiment. Success ! (: We did a great job right ? hahah. Siew Thong and I mixed all the fruits juices and the DCPIP ( I think) solution. We even go around the tables asking from other group's juices. lOl. I know we are childish but who cares ?? xD
By the way, I still remember what Phui Kei said. hahah. Cannot stop myself from laughing larrrr. =]
Ate my lunch at 3++ pm. ( because mum has to fetch sis to tuition first ) ==
Happy Belated Birthday
~~> Jun Ho (15/7)
~~> W. Tze Jian (15/7)

Happy Birthday
~~> Wei Kien

miss my bro.

I am who I am.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Exhibition Day

I woke up at 5.15 am feeling extremely excited. I wore shorts even though we were asked to wear track bottom. I cannot stand the weather so, who really cares ? Face the music and that's it. xD

This year's haunted house is so much better than last year because it is really scary. Hundreds of tickets were sold out within few minutes so we have to reuse the tickets. smart huh ?? xD Each ticket cost RM 4. Guess how much we earned ??
The first 1++ hour, I stood in front of the main entrance - shouting ''mm ho yi da guai r' ( obviously in Cantonese) which means - ''cannot beat ghost r.'' lOl. and walking around seeing the situation (in and out of the haunted house). Later on, I got bored, so I went in as a ghost. Urmm..I be the ghost larrr. Starting, I cannot stop laughing when those people screamed in horror. I sat on the floor laughing with my hands on my stomach. ^^ I know it is evil to laugh at them but I just think it is fun and funny to see them -
After a few minutes(only), I was sweating and I can feel the sweat dripping all over my body. Totally wet ! Gross.

There are two cases that happened to me ..

First, - A girl screamed when I appeared (all in sudden) in front of her. She stared at me so I stared back at her. (for about 3-4 seconds) . I screamed at her. She screamed back at me. I look at her. She looked back at me. Then .. guess what she did ??! She raised her hand and knocked my head. Awww. I went after her, scolded and yelled at her until she reached the exit. xD ( siapa suruh dia ketuk kepala saya ?? :P ) How dare she beats me. ==
p/s : Everyone is warned not to beat or even touch the ghost. ==

Second case, - A guy accidentally kissed me on my cheek. It happened when he shake his stupid head with his eyes closed. His mouth 'bang' my cheek really hard and oh lord, it hurts ! I bet his lip bleed. (padan muka ! )

The sound of the child crying and the lights that flicks are awesome ! :) (Even though the lights make me dizzy.) I enjoyed. (:

There are people that cried because of the haunted house. hahah. lOl.

People lining up - The Haunted House.
Scouts gadjets. ^^


You are still my friend.
1. Besides your lips, where is your favorite spot to get kissed?
- cheek

2. How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
- excited (exhibition day)

3. Who was the last person/people you took photo with?
- Cannot recall.

4. Would you consider yourself spoilt?
- yes.

5. Will you ever donate blood?
- i will think about it.

6. Have you ever had a best friend of the opposite sex?
- sure.

7. Do you want someone to be dead?
- yeah

8. What does your last message say?
- cannot remember

9. What are you thinking right now?
- i hate my mum

10. Do you want someone to be with you right now?
- nope.

11. What was the time you went to bed last night?
* 1 or 2 something...

12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?
- pn.toh gave me.

13. Is someone in your mind right now?
- nope

14. Who was the last person who text you?
- wei kien

Tag 10 "lucky" people do this quiz.

15. Who is number two having a relationship with?

16. Is number three a male or female?

17. If number 7 and number 1 get together will it be good?

18. What is number 1 studying?

19. Is number 4 single?

20. Say something about number 6

21. What you think of number 3 and number 6 being together?

22. Describe number 9

23. Do you like number 8

** I don't think I need to tag my friends because they did this before.
( so do I but do again jee. xD)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Be happy larhhh. xD

As a human being, I don't expect everyone to like me or maybe to love me. Who really cares about all this ? Just be who you are. (: They must be A person that like me .. that love me. (: or maybe two .. I love myself and that's more than enough. :]

To somebody,
Face the fact if someone hates you. I know who you are and LOL !! I can guarantee tell that you expect everyone to like you because you cannot control your temper and are eager to know who am I talking about once you see that short message. You are afraid that you are the one I am talking about. C'mon baby .. chill and cheer. Many things happened to me and I act nonchalantly and can still laugh like a big nut. Don't deny how you feel because I know. A big 'HAHA' for you.

and and, think twice before you do or say something. I am sure you are smart enough. geeeeee
HURRAY !!! looking forward to next Monday, HARI PAMERAN !! I gt my club shirt today and I think it is okay. I love the colour of the shirt, BLACK !! (: Exploration club rocks to the max !!
p/s : Who cares whether you people hate this club. You must be thinking - sucks lahh. sucks like hell ! BUT, I don't care ..... I like mai can lorhhh.

blablablaaa ~~~

I saw Frank today and he changed his hairstyle. how awesome. (: talked for a while then went back home with 4 blisters on my legs. geeee

Oh yeah ..
your shirt is with me. I was finding for you to give you but you are nowhere to be seen. Ish. will give you on Monday. no worries. (:

smile smile smile
:) :) :)


Friday, July 10, 2009


Happy Birthday Ng Wen Xi

We had assembly today. Yes , on Friday but someone called Kadine and I for something so we skipped assembly. I was carrying my bag because I was kinda late to school so the prefects don't allow me to put my bag. ==
First period is Biology so we went to Bio lab. We had experiment today and yeahhh .. success !! (:
While waiting for the colours to change, urm .. the liquid in the test tubes larhh xD., Kadine and I mixed the smashed ikan bilis, potato, bread, orange juice, a kind or powder or flour ( tak tau apa tu larhhhh. heh. ), few drops of benedicts solution and don't know what solution already :P and lastly, a few drops of distilled water. We stirred everything and the smell of it - WALAU !! FANTASTIC ! (sarcastic larhh..obviously). I almost vomit because it really stinks. Yuckss. Gross.

School ends at 12.40 pm and I stayed till 4++ pm for pameran stuf. This year, exploration club use 2 classes for the ghost house thingy so, more newspapers are needed to cover the holes (prevent the sunlight from shinning in maaa). Both of my hands were black in colour because I crumpled the newspapers into' small balls'. geeee. so dirty.

Thanks to Spencer, Francis, Johnson, Chen Wei, Yang and few other guys(don't know their names.) for talking and making me laugh. xD (especially Johnson-don't know how to spell his name-
If not I will - BORED.TO.DEATH.
p/s : I don't know that that many people hate you. Padan muka ! HUATTT. even your closest guy betrayed you.

Have to go to school early in the morning tomorrow for G.G and EXP.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

smiles. (:

The first thing that happened when I reached school today was - EXP this EXP that.
DX room is destroyed but I really don't know who did them. Some of the classmates say EXP club members did it. Argue ini argue itu. *slap forehead* Oh yeah .. don't show me such stupid face. Geeee. It is funny. muahahaha. whatever. who cares.
p/s : thanks Brandon. :)
Pn. Mugil asked me which hospital I will be going for my operation and I am so not going to tell. geeee. I heard someone saying -a place- and asked something. oh lord .. don't embarrass yourself larhh. hahah. malu larhh you. kakaxx
C'mon, don't make me laugh dude ! The way you act - suck. lOl.
Physics was so darng boring-as usual. Sharwena and I skipped and went to the library for some stuff. I saw my darling (rukia) there but I did not talk to her. heheh. sorry larhh , I was reading something plus you are kinda far away form me. heh. Later on, Mokky came and sat beside me. Sharwena said something funny (can't recall what she said) and I cannot control myself already so I burst - laughed. == Mokky was looking at me and said '' SHIHHHHH''
She is so beautiful
so damn beautiful ..


I don't care about you people anymore.


oh yeah, thanks miss wong. (:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Okay .. nothing much happened these two days. Yes, but I am not telling. Pai seh marhh xD
Hari Pameran will be on next Monday. Lots of things to do - Girl Guide and Exploration club. Have to stay back on Friday until 6 pm but I think I will go back at 4pm. heh. Saturday pulak must go to school. -girl guide and also EXP club. cut myself into two. :(

Everyone ! must visit the GHOST HOUSE !! at *5a9 and 5a10*

miss someone badly.
( not him larrr. lOl. )


Monday, July 6, 2009


She is getting more and more ridiculous. SHE has gone mad, gone insane ! Sis doesn't do anything wrong. Maybe, yes, JUST forget to keep something .. only .. Mum starts to scold her and she says that she wastes time doing the file ( club's file for hari pameran). Fine. Honestly, I agree with what my sis said, mum can choose not to see ( the files/ papers on the table). Guess what 'mommy' did ???
The 'lady' threw all the documents and papers on the floor and mess up the whole file. Sis has to hand them in on this Wednesday. Now, she has to redo everything..
Sis cried. thats for sure. Mum didn't say sorry but she scolded her again. She says she will slap her if she still cry. WTF.
so-called mum.



I just want peace. thats all.

We gt 3rd place for the armchair treasure hunt thingy. WOW WOW WOW . Never expect we will win. :)
whatever. its over. I don't really care about the money now. I only want peace. I cannot stand a woman's voice already. Not going to tell who the person is but I really gt piss off.

Not in a good mood today. Don't understand how human beings in this world think. Basketball-no teamwork at all. Fine. whatever. I no longer care about it.

Operation coming nearer and nearer. who cares. I think admitted in the hospital is better than living with someone.

People, what is the meaning of pat po ? or maybe sei pat po ?? Can you stand it when someone kept scolding you with this word ? If you do. I can't. Trying to control myself not to call you old woman. You will just put the blame on me even if I didn't do anything wrong. Everything you do or you say, you just think that you are right. You scold me almost everyday because you want to release your so-called stress. You never think of me. You think of yourself. You want me to study and you say it is for my own good. Yes, I do think its for my own good, too, but not now anymore. The way you act, really make me feel that you just want glamour.

Perhaps, you should think twice before you scold or say something. I wonder how long I can stand all this.

I don't care if your friend see this and tell you. I dare to post this and I am ready for your music.

Don't give me a damn.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Report Card Day

Everyone had to go to school early in the morning because the armchair treasure hunt start at 8.00 am (If i am not wrong.). We were given a bottle of mineral water and muffin as breakfast. (padahal, I ate before going to school.-as usual. xD).
blablabla~~~ We (Faridah, Natasha, Siew Thong, Kumaran and I) took 36 minutes to finish the treasure hunt thingy. I laughed so much and LOUD (omg. malu.) during the treasure hunt. lOl.
We finished early so we went back to class.
While waiting for my mum to take the report card, more than 10 people including me gathered and said ghost stories. RAWRR.
fiction and non fiction. heh. Have you ever experience this ??
- when you are sleeping, all in sudden, you cannot open your eyes, cannot move your body at all and hardly breath..
This happened to me many times since I was in primary school (If I am not mistaken) till now. The previous time was last month and hopefully it will not happen again. I never tell this to my mum because she says things like - ayahhh .. you are dreaming larhhh. no such things one larhh. and so and so. She does not understand me and she never understand me. So, no point telling her right ?? geeee
okay okay, stop with the ghost thingy and lets switch to teacher and mother AND SISTER.
Mum reached and went to get my R.C. with my sis beside her. Teacher said I am a good girl but talkative. heh. siapa tak suke bercakap nii. *slap forehead*
... Suddenly, sis menyampuk saying that she always see me sleeping and - I.NEVER.DO.MY.HOMEWORKS.
C'mon, where were you when I do my homework ??
s.l.e.e.p.i.n.g or t.u.i.t.i.o.n
I am not allowed to go Pizza Hut with my friends as what I had already expected. Mum will never let me go. she only let my sister.
~ sunway lagoon? NO. mid valley? NO. farewell party? NO. shabu shabu? NO. pizza? NO. cheer? NO.
Everything I ask, she will say no. lOl. She never say yes. Getting more and more pissed off.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Last Ball

Volleyball match today. They asked to join - last minute. Not in the mood to blog so I will cut everything short.
We won and gt into semi final. The worst part.
We lost .. because of me.
I have to serve ( don't know whether the spelling is correct or not ), and that was the last ball. Win or lose, depends on the ball - whether it passes the net or not.
I reminded myself that I tried before, which was last year, that I did it. I remembered it went over the net. I swallowed hard- throw the ball up - aim - and hit. Go !!

I failed. We lost. at least I tried my best so don't blame me.

I went out of the school compound right after the match. Mum and sis were waiting for me for more than 50 minutes already. I got into the car with broken heart and .. Grrr.. I have to face the 'music'. Mum kept scolding because she told me before that I am not allowed to join or play any sports already in case I hurt my backbone again.

Imagine life without sports .. for 1 year ...


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ohhh.. I am stupid. Huattt

Last Thursday, Ms Colleen ( my English tuition teacher ) asked us to write a complete essay which end with the sentence ''...and they never found out the truth.'' in 1 hour.

Today, I got it back. Guess how much?? not a proud result. 10 over 50. yeah .. 10 marks only. Everyone did quite bad especially me because I wrote everything in present tense. That particular essay should be written in past tense because of the word ''FOUND'' and a stupid fellow (blind ass) like me , did not realise it.

Ms Colleen said every one's essay is not 'passable' yet except for mine (glad to hear that), just that I did a STUPID mistake. Well, she said that it is really stupid for me to make that fatal mistake and she never use the word 'stupid' unless it is really stupid. (she told me in front of everyone. geeee. malu larhh.)

Anyway, I am relieve to hear that she says I have talent and I write interesting essays. :)

The 5th page, the last page. 10/50 !! Grrrr

Class pictures. 4a9 roxx :)

( I look ... eewww.. retarded. heh.)

27 more days ..., here I come !!!
God bless me.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


As usual, assembly every Wednesday .. urmm.. and Monday. After all the shits going on, all students have to wait for the prefects to let us go back to our class. Kadine and I wanted to take another way so that we don't need to wait and of course to prevent those prefects from .. er.. denda us. heh. Saya ada banyak kesalahan ni .. - socks too short, tidak klip rambut, kuku panjang, and so and so. Geee

Unfortunately, we still gt caught. Our hairr. ==
Stayed back for
Exploration club meeting. I LOVE MY CLUB. EXPLORATION ROCKS !!
Exploration's symbol.
Okay okay. Kadine kept asking me to go but I insisted saying - '' don't want lah. later first lah..'' lOl.

Still, we dismissed quite early so I went to see the cheer and played basketball. :) Went back at 3.30 pm and off to tuition.
Thanks Kadine for your water.