Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Love Story


So, I've heard lots of love stories and I actually pitied some of them. You know, some couples are meant for each other but life is unfair, always unfair. They used to spend so much time together, they captured tons of beautiful, I mean it, really beautiful pictures and they were so sweet but why ?

Why do they have to end up like that? I can see they still love each other but why things always end up like this? Where's the '.. and they live happily ever after' story ?

Aah, fate, I guess.

Oh, one more.

Happy Birthday Mum !!


Till then.

Thursday, March 1, 2012



He went Taiwan last three days. The feeling of missing someone is unbearable and all I can do is to wait for time to pass.

So, I had my MUET speaking test and it was 'awesome'. I was so nervous that I can feel my legs shaking under the table. I can say that I was really 'lucky' as the chief came to see how we (my group) performed. Damn. Why can't she come later ? Thank god the question I got was easy.

I hate how we are treated here, as if we are still in primary school. The food was terrible. One word to describe, sucks.

Get a life, please.

I miss my baby boy.