Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Screwed up life.

God loves me. College banned facebook so that we can concentrate more during classes. I can't even log into facebook using the staff wifi. Damn it. Bored to death. Thanks to YouTube. I almost finish watching Mr.Bean's clips. =;=

The best damn thing is that we finally have wifi in our house.

Whatever. Start to hate my life here. Boring lecturers. Lame activities. Classes? Yawn. Bad bad bad.
Totally screwed up!


Saturday, September 17, 2011


Don't blame me for treating you like this. You started it and you acted nonchalantly. You asked for it.

For ages you have been saying that you will change but yeah, time proves everything. 15 months and yet you are still the same. I had enough. I won't apologize for ignoring your messages and calls, wei. Give me time.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life .

I'm back to update my damn blog.
Yo yo, peeps.

A 500 words report and another 1000 words report. FML. Have to hand in one of them this coming Monday and I only started doing it yesterday. Pretty awesome.

MPP meeting and I actually forgot. Why am I so forgetful ? Thank god Sean came running to my class and called me out. Everyone was waiting for me. Both of us ran like an idiot to the meeting room with my damn high heels. Now I have three blisters on my legs. fml.

I thought life doing TESL is great and easy but never thought it turned out to be like this. So many presentations and tasks and assignments. Damn. The only thing that satisfy me is my friends here. They never fail to make me laugh like a geek. Like seriously, I almost died-out of breath. Shit.

Classes start getting so boring that everyone in my class facebook all the time - with their laptops. So obvious till the management filtered the Internet access and now we can't sign in to facebook. Smart people like me used the staff wifi and yo, I get to sign in. HEH.

Class starting in 3 minutes time.

Till then.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Our 15 months anniversary.

Went out with him.

Went Seremban, visited grandparents and Hari Merdeka.

There's something wrong with my laptop. Damn you.
MSN with mommy that day and was laughing out loud. My mum is so damn freaking cute. TEEHEE.

Going night market with wei wei later. (: