Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Somehow, I just look stupid in the pic. and .. with my stupid pimples, I look 'awesome' . aikss. S.Yee took photos of all the Ajks ( girl guides ) and I am not so sure about her purpose. Don't tell me she is going to put those pic in the school magazine.
Only me. ( don't click ! My pimples !!!)

Ketua kebajikan and pen. kebajikan.
Sister says she doesn't want to show her face.
p/s You look nice in this picture larr. trust me.
okay okay. and other pictures but I am lazy to upload. heh.

I miss you badly .. and I still love you .. I need the time machine !!

Hann Jian !! - Good luck to your injured hand ! hahah.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Embarrassing :(

We played basketball during the PJK lesson and before the match, everyone is asked to dribble the ball with left and right hands. Urmm.., from point A to point B. heh.
I managed to dribble using left hand but when I did the 'u-turn' back using right hand, I almost fall and to make matter worse, I screamed. == such noob ass.
Regarding to what Kadine told me, teacher said ''good, good...'' and before teacher finish her sentence, that's the time I almost trip. BLUSHED. :(
yeah .. I laughed, so do Min Shen and Siew Thong. urmm, maybe others too.. lOl.
like the way min shen laughs. heh.
geeee. overall, PJK lesson was okay.
Well, I really don't understand human beings in this world. I am the one that should be angry not you. Back stabbed me and you gt angry ?? ha-ha-haaaa. Want to know the reason I said you disappoint me ?? Thats the reason ! and I can't believe that you said I betrayed you. I did not say anything bad about you at all. yeah right .. just because of the way I look at you huh ?? alright alright. whatsoever. 'Mommy' is right. childish.
you know what you did. I don't care .. anymore.
change topic.
She is so beautiful and I cannot get you out from my mind.
p/s : I Love You

Hate it when you don't reply me.
I hardly remember the way you look now ...
I know its fading ... Is this what you want ???

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I went to watch Transformers - Revenge Of The Fallen - yesterday night at 6 pm. It was awesome ! Cannot stop myself from laughing. xD I thought it will be lame and childish but not at all. :) FANTASTIC !! right Kadine ??
Sorry for the super duper late reply, Woo JL. I hardly sms that time. I will try my very best to go to that campfire. :) As you said, it will be awesome. heh. looking forward to it.
and and
''don't tell me we will be eating bread''

Saturday, June 27, 2009

tired of everything ..
how I wish I can do my operation A.S.A.P ..

I miss him ...

Friday, June 26, 2009

At least I know who to believe now.
Thank god.

R.I.P to Michael Jackson
your dance rox !!!



Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our class, 4A9 will not be joining the netball match. losers. :) only a few people want to take part in it, so we are short of players. ==
As what a friend of mine in Pn. Lai's tuition said, stupid bitch to someone .. Yeah, I agree. I agree !! That person sucks. ==

By the way,
Siew Thong, those pictures you said you will be sending to me in msn... where is it ? You asked me to send to you those girl guide log files and I did quite a number of times already. That hard for you to send to me ke ??? ish.

Girl guide perjumpaan this Saturday .. Please go KADINE !!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Netball match will be on this Friday. I hope and pray that we will win again. ^^ Today was the koperasi day and there are lots of food sold in the multipurpose hall. I ate quite a lot :) lOl. not a big deal. everyone knows I love eating. geeee :)
Sista had netball match today and her class gt num 2 and and because of the match, I had to wait for her. ( almost late for tuition ) geeeee.. Reached home at around 4.30 pm and I have tuition at 5.00 pm. Went to have shower and off to Pn.Lai's tuition. Lydia and Shin Wei brought food ( I forget to bring my popcorn because I was rushing like mad ), so everyone enjoyed the food.
okay okay. A big full stop about FOOD.
You change a lot .. that's not you. You sound so moody. You don't really need to think or confirm about that anymore. I don't really care and mind already, so chill and cheer. :) Text me when everything is okay. I am bored. heh.


Monday, June 22, 2009


First of all, thanks to Kumaran for buying me sweet. - eclipse :)

He bought 1 for me and 1 for Kadine.
Handball match (final) was after school, 2.00 pm. One word - kalah :( I am really disappointed and extremely sad because I thought we will win. This is the first time we lose and so what if we gt num 2 ?? I want GOLD !! Grrrr
whatsoever. It is over so lets not talk about it anymore.

Kadine, I was doing my log files with my handphone in my room so I don't know that you text me. sorry larrr

To somoeone ...
smile for the world to see and for me to see.


Sunday, June 21, 2009


Things happened yesterday night but I don't know why I just act nonchalantly and I managed to sleep like a pig. Geezz. :) Slept so well and woke up at 10++ am. Kadine got a new 016 number and I think it is a good news as I can sms her more already. muahahahaha. lOl.
By the way, to Yew Gin
I received your message saying that you had broke up with your gf. NO worries friend. Love is nothing. :) I bet you will get a better one next time. Cheer up ! :)
how cuteeee.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

more pictures.

here are more pictures. there are more .. I have to wait for Thong to send them to me ..
^^ I love the smell of the rubbish. !!!
in the jail .. lol !! childish. hehe
2 donkeys..hehe ^^
reflection of the mirrorrrrrrr .. rawrr
muahahaha.. i am taller than thong. ^^


Saturday - school day.

Went to school as usual and 10 of the students from my class were absent. I went :) such good girl. hahah. perasan* . Today I brought Friday's books ( should be Thursday ). geezzz . such stupid fellow.
It was boring. Jack did stupid thing on my bottle. ==
see ~~>He did that. lOl ! no better things to do. :) 'sigh'
Biology was bored. I don't like the teacher because she sucks in teaching. no offence but I am telling the truth. I bet a number of students form my class agree with me. :)

Reached Pn.Toh's house at around 1.15 pm. Changed to full uniform and off to National HQ. The place is getting better. I think they repaint the wall that's why it looks awesome !

Not bad right ??
while waiting for the YABHG. Tun Jeanne Abdullah, Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Binti Mansor and so on to reach, we, girl guides practised the salute thingy. * guard of honor.
We stood there for quite a long time and I took my camera out and captured a few stupid pic. hahah.
RED CARPET !! ~ for the honourable to walk gehhh. xD ( the legssss ^^ )

later on, we went to have have our sit.
We had our food and I was kinda full.
took some pictures before going back. those lame pose. hahah.
I clipped my front hair up because I was asked to :)

Xin Mei. ^^ A queen guide. :) lucky my eyes are not that bengkak d. lol !
lOl. Hug the tree !!!
SMK Sri Sentosa roxxxx !!!!!!

I really don't know what you want.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I am back ! heeehaaaaa :)

smile when you're feeling sad,
don't think about the bitter moments you've had,
cos when you're down , i am too,
so just smile cos i made this poem for you.

hahah. thanks kadine bianca tot. you roxx wei ..!!

Semi final for handball will be on next Monday. We practice a little today and I laughed so much and LOUD when Kadine and I were trying to play against Weng Yan and Min Shen. lOl.Kadine said I did the 'goaling' quite well. hahah. How awesome !! muahahahaha :) I can't wait to play against the other class on Monday. I am fearless ! muahahahaha. got confidence wert :) and I really love sports !! I want to win this match again !!!

Tomorrow I get to buy badges again. I will be buying the bintang 1 one .. Pity Thong because of M.W, she cannot buy .. nvm my friend ..you will buy them 1 day.. ^^ and and .. I salute you wei !! you shouted F 9 you so loud in the middle of the field. hahahahah. Make me laugh like mad !!! Gosh.
Kadine and you always make me laugh wei . hahahah. lOl.

feel so happy today.

love isn't everything after all .. (:

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Blogs are for people to express their feelings and not for people to read. Isn't it ?? who knows.

As a assistant secretary of the club, I find myself useless. I just don't know why .. hmmphh. We had our photography session today and I .. hardly smile in front of the camera. LoL

Tomorrow will be the handball match and I hope this time we will win again.
play rough ?? play nonchalantly ??
hope I can perform well .. I really hope ..
I am proud to be in 4a9. I love you people !! and I am proud to be in 3a7 before. guess what ??
We won in many matches (girls) :) heheh.
basketball, netball, handball, futsal, and .. still got what people ?? yeah ... and and ping pong ( I did not take part in ping pong )
Kadine roxxx ^^
I love my friends.
specially to weng yan,
thanks a lot .. I am so touch by your words.
By the way, thanks to kong weng for making me laugh a little. hahah.

pretending to be strong when I am not

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I hope I can be stronger ..

H1N1 !!! I want to walk and walk and walk.. not to build muscles, not to train stamina but to get H1N1 infection.
you are dead.
drink shampoooooo , drink thinner , drink anything if you want to die.

i am getting crazy . hahahahahaha
i'm a babi girl in the babi world



Slept quite well yesterday. thanks hubby :) love you.
went to school but was almost late as I overslept. aikss. We had assembly and are forced to do the marching and all that. I think it is lame. We as girl guides, do not know how to march ke ??? == They are just wasting time.
Fine, and then went to see Pn.Toh regarding the buffet, which is this coming Saturday. It is for the future queen guides. :) I wonder how the buffet will look like.
nothing much happened after that, just sat at my own place with some funny people around me. hahah. I talk quite little today but laughed kinda a lot. Sometime, I daydreamed about him. hahah. Perhaps you might just think that I am insane but so what ??
I love him and that's it !

with loves,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I feel like crying but my eyes are already swollen .. it hurts so much and that's not what I really want. Tears just come out form the corner of my eyes. I text them with trembling hands and with wet face.. I really don't want it to be like this .. I don't know what I can do now. I don't know who to talk to ...



I got my certificate today. :) but oh lord, look at the mistake on my precious cert.

can you see ?? no ?? a clearer one ..
my IC number !! :( gosh ..should be 93 lar .. lol.

hmm ..
everything start to change ... I don't like it ..
I wonder when you will ....
uhhh ..
whatsoever ..


Monday, June 15, 2009


The alarm rang at 5.15 in the morning but I woke up at 5.30. I am always that lazy. :)
I brushed my teeth, bathed and tied my hair. As I tie my hair, I decided to put my front hair down (no idea why ) and I just took pictures. yeah ..early in the morning. :) hehe.
hahah. I don't know why I look so fat in this pic. Grrrrr
Awwww .. dirty mirror. :) hehe. maybe I should help my mommy to clean them 1 day.

I look better with the hair down or up ???
okay okay, now I should say a little about my exams. :(
yes, I improved .. my addmaths got improvement .. guess what ? improve by 1 mark only liaaa.
who cares ?? well, maybe I care .. :) will work harder next time.
he is sick. I feel like scolding him but at the same time I want to cheer him up . How I wish I could be your side to cheer you up, to help you and so on. Maybe, I don't understand you. I am sorry for this but ... uhhh. Forgive me for this please ...
I love you and I really do. Thanks for your concern too, my sexy hubby.
Hope you will get well soon.


Sunday, June 14, 2009


I cooked today !!
yeepyyyyy .....
I helped my mum to cook for dinner today. :) See hubby, I am so good.
pictures ..
waiting for the water to boil ..
add the gravy :)

easy :) I finished them and start to blog as fast as I can (sis bathing). heh. Mommy said it is tasty but my sis said it sucks. ==


love my husband.

kanasai niaa

Mommy asked me to help her. okay. yes, as a daughter. This and that. Done. Later on, mum asked me to throw rubbish again. I have to go down and up again. FINE. Just when I reached home, (not yet wash my dirty hands), mum asked me to do something else. I am trying hard not to get angry or whatsoever. I controlled hard all because of you. You asked me to be patient and all that. So I did. Fine then. I laid my ass on the chair and not more than 3 seconds, mum called me. I was so tired and frustrated plus I am so freaking moody at this moment but I managed to control my feeling. I don't want to argue with mommy or .... maybe don't want to get scolded by her...
I am tired of waiting my friend. ( for something larh) Grrr. I already ask another friend of mine. Well.. I have to wait ... again .... yes .... again ..
what can I do now ??
cannot sms .. finish replying comments .. show middle finger in the air ?? haa-haaa-haaaaa ==
narhh.. I am not doing that lar .. c'mon.
mood swingggggggggggggggggggggggggg

feel like stabbing my chest with a knife. suffering .....
I hate I hate
owhhh .. god ..
I don't know what I should do now ..
I know I need you now but ....

It hurts so much ...



mood swing early in the morning ...
don't give ma a damn people .




I feel so .... sad and lonely ...

Saturday, June 13, 2009


It is kinda obvious that I am bored to death right now. Going to off in a short while. I want my lovely darling and I feel like hugging you now. Enjoy yourself and be happy. :) Lub you so so so so so so so so so so much.
Do you miss me ??
Don't say NO !! I will smack you.
narhhh .. miss you so much ...
Take care dear.

with loves,


Wondering what to do. I haven't finish my moral. I am really lazy and I have no idea why am I so lazy. ( talking rubbish actually )
bored. bored. and bored.
baby went to have a hair cut. :)
I have nothing to do so I choose to update my bloggie xD
Hubby asked me to sleep at 12.00am SHARP yesterday but I slept at 2++. I did not do other stuff. I was on my bed with my eyes closed but I just felt so energetic. turn to the right. turn to the left. right left right left right left. Still cannot sleep. ishhhh
and and oh my god ! it was like so so so so so 'COLD' !!
yeah.. so-called cold. ==
I was sweating like mad weiii and my shirt .. gosh .. WET
I am sitting in front of the computer and mommy is yelling and scolding at me (asking me to eat).
I am trying to say CHEESE and smile a little to my mum and say 'oooo'. :) -so that she will chill ma xD
I don't feel like eating at all. Yes, I am hungry now but I have lost of appetite and to make matter worse, I am having headache right now. :(

I only want my hubby ... but ...
or maybe my bolster :)


Friday, June 12, 2009

well done. ^^

Two thumbs up for all the queen guides. :)
guess what people ..
a guy sent me this
  • Aku minta maaf….
    Kalau selama ini aku ga bisa jadi kekasih yang baik buat kamu
    Mungkin kamu akan merasa lebih tenang
    kalau aku ga bersama kamu lagi
    Mungkin kamu akan merasa lebih tentram
    kalau aku ga mengusik kehidupan kamu lagi
    Tapi asal kamu tahu…
    Sampai kata-kata ini ditulis,
    bahkan sampai berkali-kali dibaca
    Cinta itu masih ada untuk kamu !!!
lOl !!!
well, I am sorry to laugh larrr but don't you think it is funny ??

I only love my hubby.

to all geeks,
don't you dare touch my boy !
I slap you r

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My horoscope.


outgoing personality. takes risks.
feeds on attention. no self control. kind hearted.
self confident. loud and boisterous. VERY revengeful.
easy to get along with and talk to.
has an "every thing's peachy" attitude. likes talking and singing.
loves music. daydreamer. easily distracted.
Hates not being trusted. BIG imagination.
loves to be loved. hates studying. in need of "that someone".
longs for freedom. rebellious when withheld or
restricted. lives by "no pain no gain" caring.
always a suspect. playful. mysterious. "charming"
or "beautiful" to everyone. stubborn. curious. independent. strong willed. a fighter.

hey !!
memang betul niiii

Treat me cendol aitee :)

I passed my presentation !!
This is the second time I present my proposal to Pn.Tek. The first time I failed so I have to redo them today. and and I did it ! :)
During the presentation, my hand was shaking and trembling so hard that I nearly fainted. lOl. I was so scared that I will fail again. While she is checking my proposal, I gasped in horror when I saw a mistake there.
I swallowed so hard that I think she heard. lOl.

After that, I went HQ to meet my sister. We went to have cendol. :) and I bought a bar of chocolate. :) (gaining weight) hahah.
narhhhhh .. who cares ?? enjoy while we can :)
finished them. licked my lip. off to HQ again.
My sis talked non-stop and did stupiak actions. lOl. I cannot stop laughing.hahah. guess what she did ??
imitate hubby and my pose.
LoL !
narhh... ignore her. she is lame.

nothing to do ..
captured few pictures.

and few more pictures.
(lazy to upload)

I know I am ugly but I didn't ask your opinion so SHIIIHHHHH.



doink doink
look at the time I post this.
I don't want to sleep yet. bored + some problems.
still energetic.

narhh ..
actually I am moody.


Monday, June 8, 2009


Have you ever wonder the reasons why people commit suicide ??
well, one of the reasons, stress out.
obviously when one cannot take it , they end their lifes. :)
I am just wondering what will happen when I end my life .. too. I want to know what mommy will feel and what is her reaction.
worth it ??
no idea.
Somehow, I gt really annoyed when 'somebody' starts to order me this and that and so on.
I really hate it when *** asks me to do stuff and and ..especially asks me to studyyyyyy ..
I hate to study . HATE HATE and HATE . heh. I just LOVE my babe.
By the way, so sorry dear for replying you that late. I was helping one of my friends to solve some relationship prob. :) I know you understand me and I know you don't mind. :)
miss you so so so so much.
love you hubby.

Tagged by Mei Wern

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answer, enter yours, and tag twenty people. Use the first letter of you name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers, you cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/ girl name question.

1. What is you name: su poh
2. A four Letter Word: suck
3. A boy's Name: suresh
4.A girl's Name: siew thong
5. An occupation: singer

6. A color: don't know

7. Something you'll wear: shirt

8. A food: spagethi ( wrong spelling i know)
9. A place: street ?? lol
10. A reason for being late :
stupid sis lar .. woke up late.
11. Something you'd shout: sei so lou !!!
12. A movie title : no idea
13. Something you drink: ??
14. A musical group: simple plan
15. An animal: snake
16. A street name: whatever lar ==
17. A type of car: ssssss .. whatever .. ==
18. The title of a song: don't know larrrr

I tag :

mei yu
sue xuan
weng yan
wei ann
tsu chung
shin wei
wan li
tze jian


good luck ppl.
btw, i did this before.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


took some quizzzz ..
pro leh..

*Tee just took the "Are you a good lover?" quiz and the result is Veeeeeeeery good lover!!.

You are really a good lover! You know how to enjoy and how to make your partner happy! You never let her/him down and you care about your relationship. Congratulations!

( hahah. as usual !! muahahaha. lol . == )


*Tee completed the quiz "How Well do you know Men?" with the result Excellent!! (100%).

Fantastic!! You really do know men pretty Well!! Either you're a master at what men really want or you've blatantly cheated! Or you might just be a man trying to find out if this quiz is authentic enough! whatever it is, Congratulations, you're an Expert on that pathetic species called "Man".

(muahahahah. I know MEN !!! )


* Tee completed the quiz "What Should You Get Pierced?" with the result Tongue.

This is a wild piercing and great for rebellion. You are a social, outgoing person, who isn't afraid to get down and dirty. You like to impress people and stand out from the crowd and aren't afraid to get feisty and stick out your tongue.This piercing can be easily hid and isn't that painful. But beware, most parents aren't pleased when their kids do this. This could be pleasurable.... kinky..

( hahah. I love them !! plan to do :) .. but .. maybe someone doesn't like ..)


*Tee just took the "what your attitude says about u" quiz and the result is Happy Go Lucky .

you tend to go with the flow and alot of ppl admire about that, u easily make friends and can keep them without discomfort. your very loyal and honest and if something doesnt suit you, you get over it easily. Laid back is the way you like to live!

( I am a happy go lucky person. :) )


Tee just took the "Are You Romantic? Or Naughty?" quiz and the result is Perfect kisser!.

U express ur love with kissing and u love to get pleasured in the same time! which is good!

( muahahahah . lol ! )


and a lot more.
lazy to post them.
miss my hubby


Time ...
We did not contact each other for 52++ hours already ... He is not allowed to use hp during the camp.
at least text me a short message saying that you are okay ... i am worry ..

I miss you ... and I ... uhhh .. it is unbearable .......

hold your hand tight and never let you go

Btw, I was talking to Kadine on the phone for 3 hours and 18 minutes.

Friday, June 5, 2009

good one.

Another good old friend of mine.
Miss Wong !



To my hubby,
you are off to camp this morning. so early in the morning that I didn't get the chance to call you and say what I want to. I am worry hubby. really worry that I hardly sleep the day before.
hmphh ....
Jungle trekking and sort of. how dangerous !! :( you must becareful. It is a must !! I am so not going to forgive you if anything happen to you. Grrrr
You slept quite late yesterday and woke up so early in the morning. you must be very tired dear ... make sure you don't get yourself too tired during the camp, kay ?? and and uhhh .. DRINK MORE WATER ! get enough sleep and so on. please ..
gosh !
driving me crazy larrrr.
miss you so muchhhhh.



hey sista,
congratulations for your Queen's Guide award !
narhhh.., no worries .. I know what to do.
buy me stuff yeah ..
I want lots lots of foooooodddd.

dearest girl guides,
once a guide always a guide


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Basketball or Love ??

I woke up early in the morning so that I won't be late but unfortunately, I was late for about 15 minutes. ==
narhhh.., sometimes, there are things that cannot be avoided. heh. ^^

Seriously, I kinda think that I am a noob player. A geek. == During the match, I just shoot without aimming or aiming ( don't know the spelling. heh. ) when I gt the ball. Panic perhaps. lol.
My fellow sista and brother !! told you he is awesome right ?? muahahahaha. My boy !


Monday, June 1, 2009

LaLaLa ~~

pinky pinky ponky
father bought a donkey
donkey died
father cried
pinky pinky ponky

Somehow, it just comes out from my mind. :)

I am looking forward to this Wednesday :) yeah. He is going, Kadine is going, Thong is going, Old frend is going, M16 is going and so and so .
Baby, you must see how awesome my friends are. heh. especially her. ^^
but no worries . I am yours. :) muaxx
Just a few minutes ago, my sister ( currently at Terengganu now) text me a message and say ..
hey.. I am going to eat sharkfins. muahahahahaha
I was like .. whattt ??!! ==
who cares ?? well, I care :( boo hoooo
narhh.. what so ever. I can online wert. muahahahaha.
lame larrr
I miss you two ! heh. I guess both of you know right ??
I want to see 'something' on Wednesday.

baby, I have nothing to blog on already. heh. Just because you want me to update, here you are. :)

with loves,