Friday, October 30, 2009

Plan ? Yes !

I sat on my table with my left hand supporting my head.

How I wish the SPM examintation is over. Well, don't misunderstand. I am not one of the SPM candidates, okay ?? Obviously is my sister who will be sitting for SPM.

there are many things I cannot do right now. I can only go shopping with her after her stupid exam. I have plenty things to buy and do. Firstly, I will head to the Malaysia's best restaurant- which I do not know mana. C'mon ! It is already 14th of December when the SPM examination is over - which also mean I do not have to beware of the food I take. Can't wait for all those scrumptious food !! FOOD FOOD FOOD !

yeye, nai nai, uncle and aunty keep reminding and warning me - not to eat with my eyes shut ! xD

Oh ya ! I also want to have my hair fix ! Of course a BIG NO NO to straighten my hair. I plan to dye my hair. Perhaps pink colour ? haha. NO WAY !

and and, I want to buy a handbag. Red colour is sexy, eh ?? Mum says she will buy branded watches again for sister and I. Geeeee. I don't want ! I prefer a new Sony Ericsson. :) I got bored with my current one.

By the way, Raymond Lam will be having a concert at Genting Highland. I seriously want to go. He is sooooo HAWTT !!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

so-called smart.

The smart school delayed the exam, again. So, the last day of exam will be on next Friday. It is seriously killing me as I have to face the 'music'' again and again asking me to study. Okay, whatever.
There are many pretty and awesome girls I saw just now, in their facebooks
I prefer to be myself.

❤ ME !!

wooo wooo woooo
laughed so much in Pn.Lai's tuition today. I wonder if my laughing disease is back ?

sorry for the lame and boring post.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Just back from tuition a few minutes ago. Mum went shopping and bought lots of biscuits - seriously. A total of 6 packets of 'tiger biscuit' and few more packets of 'chips more'. Obviously, a big, greedy rat like me would love them but too bad, so sad, they are not for me. There are for my sister who will be going for National Service. What a pity. xD

Thanks to Xing Ni who borrowed me a storybook. - Chinese Cinderella. I finished it in 1 day and even cried. It is a very 'yam gung' story. People, you should read it. Seriously.

Mum bought 2 watches for sister and I. It doesn't suit me at all because the watch is just too big. Gee. Thanks anyway. (:

Blogging is something really boring. LOL.

till then.

Friday, October 23, 2009


I feel like cutting my fringe ...



woo wooo

fringe only ogeh ??

I wonder if I look weird in that style.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Once upon a time ...

Time passes really fast. In just a fraction of a second, I have already grown up - into a 16 year old teenage girl. I cannot believe I am in Form 4 now.

I used to be a 'little monster' when I was a kid, running and yelling as loud as I could whenever mommy brought me out. I can still remember every time I fell down and cried like a small baby, mum will always comfort me and did something that I will not forget till now ! - stomp and scold. Who ? - the floor. HA ! HA !

Aikss ...
It feels so good to reminisce about the fun times I had.

Hmphh ..
Am I still that childish little girl ? Do I go to mum nagging for Barbie dolls and ice-creams ?
I wonder ...

Perhaps ?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I had my additional mathematics paper today, both paper 1 and paper 2 and had plenty of time doing them - because I don't know how to do at all. *sighs*. I was sitting there, looking at the 'view' outside the 'clean' window. screwed addmaths.

PMR candidates had finally finish their examination. Congratz ?

good news ? We can choose not to go to school for 1 week because the next exam will be on 21st which is on next Wednesday. weird school. lOl. What I can do then ?? keep studying ke ?? ki siao looo ...
I found that I can do nothing when I online because there is nothing much for me to playyyyy ( see.. I can still think of playing. genius. == )

lalalalalaaa ~~~
I had fun chatting with engine !!!
yay yay !!