Wednesday, April 29, 2009


owh...I wasted 4 to 5 days for my oral test (bi) ..and end up .. I only gt 22 out of 30 ..kinda sad ..
nvm lar ..

I can do better wert...

This Friday I will be going to a camp for my BAKP test .. heh .. sure very tiring ...but ..nvm lar..

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


''don't give me a damn'' ...
''I will give you two damn'' ...

lol !!
rubbish ..

you make me feel like eating this >>> !!!!

btw ... I miss you ..

Friday, April 24, 2009


kisses ..

A girl ....

When a girl cries it doesnt mean she's
If a girl cries in front of u..
it means that she couldnt take it anymore.

If u take her hand, she would stay with u for the
rest of ur life;
If u let her go, she couldnt go back to being herself

A girl wont cry easily, except in front of the person
whom she loves the most, she becomes weak.

A girl wont cry easily, only when she loves u the
most, she puts down her ego.

Guys, if a girl cries bcoz of u, please hold her
hands firmly, coz she's the one who is willing to
stay with u 4 for the rest of ur life.

Guys, if a girl cries bcoz of u, please dont give her
up, maybe bcoz of ur decision, u ruin her life.

When she cries rite in front of u,
when she cries bcoz of u,
Look into her eyes,
Can u see n feel the pain n hurt she's feeling?

Which other girl have cried with pure sincerity,
In front of u, AND bcoz of u?

She cries not because she is weak,
She cries not bcoz she wants sympathy or pity,
She cries,
Because crying silently is no longer possible, the
pain, hurt n agony have bcome too big a burden to
be kept inside.

Think about it,
If a girl cries her heart out to u,
And all because of u,
Its time to look back on wat u have done,
Only u will know the answer to it.

Do consider it,
Coz one day,
It may b too late for regrets,
It may b too late to say "im sorry"... ***

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hari Khamis ( BM TIME !! )

Hari ini , saya lupa bawa buku Bio ... Nasib baik cikgu tak nampak .. Kemudian .., mata pelajaran Fizik ..seperti biasa ..sangat bosan .. saya tak faham la .. kenapa begitu bosan ..
tak apa ...
nasib baik saya ada bawa makanan ...
hari ini hari lahir jen ai .. SELAMAT HARI LAHIR ,, !!

tu saja ..tak ada apa-apa yang menarik lar ..

LOL !!
wth is wrong with me ??
why am I using bm ..??
lol !!
quite good wert ...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Nothing much

Monday ...nothing special.
I love my friends or else I am not going to school lar ..It's like so darng boring wei .. The teachers are like.. non stop talking .. talking nonsense actually .. ==
I just like to hang out with my friends larh ..
the potato bread rox ! haha...but biscuits better ..^^ so much better ..heh.

potato ?? biscuits ??


yummy ... ~~

LoL !!
( I am actually talking rubbish lar ... -- )


Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Guest Room

Okay..,I was invited to Yee Wen's opening ceremony. The Guest Room. Well, she invited a few other girl guides too..- thong , yee hui, chaw hui and so on..Everyone gets a packet of Chocolate ..^^

can you see that box of chocolates on the table ??

The ceremony end at 12.00 pm and I have to stay back for my BAKP meeting 'meeting' ..
kadiavale !!
only one person came ..== I was like so pissed off , so I called them (the others) and asked ..
well well well. ..
parent busy
no transport
and blabla...
(I know you ppl are busy ..really busy I don't mind..^^ I am in good mood...yarhhhh)( LWY and HBY .., I know you ppl can't make it ..nvm ...^^ )
ayahh...nvm lar ... I am a GOOD kem komanden !!!!!!
LoL !

I canceled my meeting and choosed to tie gadjets. Hui Xia and I (2 of us only) tied all the gadjets in less than 2 hours ! fuhh~~ GENG leh ..ngekngek ... lol !
thanks hui xia for helping me .. ^^

I hurt 3 fingers because of that stupiak rafia (don't know how to spell) strings..It hurts alot leh...ayo..but nvm ..for my test..I am willing to sacrifice !! Lol !! (ignore me.. I am insane )

reached home at 3++ pm..

oh ya..!!!
before I lupa..
sorry Vernon .. I have to say out your name ( I am not a bad sista) ^^
because 'somebody' misunderstand ..thinking that they (he and she) are the 1 I mentioned in the last post ..
SORRY Vernon !! I know you don't mind ..
right ???

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shake HeaD

Sometimes , I really cannot imagine what will happen when a girlfriend don't believe her boyfriend..This was what happen just now ..

A girl thought that I am having an affair with her boyfriend ..( it's not funny) I was like .. you must be kidding .. your boyfriend is like so 'kind' ( no offence) ..... She kept asking me questions regarding ME and his bf ..

can i ask you something ??
what ? sure ..
my bf got another gal izit ??
har?? no ..wat make u say tat??
got.. ..
can I ask u something ??
he likes u b4 ??
no...y pulak suddenly say tat??


She kept asking me and I was like trying to control myself not to scold her...but it's okay ..fuhh~~~
she is pretty ..really pretty and I don't think her bf deserves a gf like her ..but .. she really must believe her bf .. (don't so small gas lar )
She thinks that I like her bf ..( if lar ) and she purposely tell me all nonsense ..telling me what her bf did to her lar ..telling me how 'yeng' her bf is lar ..and even tell me that his bf is going to her house ..blablabla == and I was like ... so ?? what the hell I care ??

aiks ..
girl...he loves you must believe him ..


my mum went to tesco juz now..and brought a tin of Jacob biscuits .. I was like ...oh..gosh...yeay !! I love it !!!


Just sEe

LOOK ! see how cute this girl is !! oh my god..the way she kiut ...


okay..I think we both have the same similarity ...WE LOVE TO EAT !

last wednesday .. we went for bio tuition ..yala..Pn.Lai .., obviously ..and guess what happen ..?? wei wei asked teacher for FOOD because she lupa to bring hers .. LOL !!
ya... teacher gave .. Joey came to our table because he wants to eat too ...LOL !!

here ...

the one in circle table so messy to study ?? lawl ..

okay..the chocolate rox !!

full with nuts .. ^^

the paling bottom that thingy rox...i love it !!

I ate too much nuts lar...My face ..pimples ... :(

Friday, April 17, 2009


Today's lesson was kinda okay but during Bio .. fuhh ~~ our experiment .. fail lar .. ayo .. but nvm .. PPL, we can do better .. right ??
and then sivik .., nothing special..
pj ... damn boring.. played hockey again .. ==
come on ... I want to play basketball leh .. arghhh.....FINE !

recess !!
I don't know what is wrong with my blardy mouth ! I just cannot stop eating.. I ate 4 stuff .. ( 2-don't know what to call them , bread , and biscuits I brought from my home ) walau.. becoming fatter and fatter !! AND AND .. I am NOT greedy .. It is my food ..!! MINE !!! saya punya ..saya bawa punya okay ???

su poh oh su poh ~~
sei fei po

alah ... who cares lar ..
I want to eat as many as I can .... now .. ^^


Thursday, April 16, 2009


lydia captured this pic ..

doing stupiak stuff huh ??

nothing special for the pass few days ...oh....who cares.. right ??

waiting for that saturday .. CAMPFIRE !!
woots ..
I just want to see him ..ngekngek....
sui gung ^^

I am getting fatter ... cannot stop eating ...just want to get something to chew .. or ... munch on .. ..hahaa.. I was born to be like that .. right ??
brought food to school ... and I am going to continue bringing food ..


sienzz hor ??

bored !!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

oh yeah

I saw him today outside the school. I am not sure the reason he went to school but most probably..., mamak ...yeahhh...
I bet he saw me but he ignored me...
I will scold him !!

I don't know what is wrong with *** ..ohh..whatever lar... I just feel like giving up ..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nothing special

Went to school as usual ...nothing special .. but..Thong, Kadine and I saw bees the toilet...banyak ni .... thong and I went to see En.Ong to make a report ..ngekngek... we are good girls know ??? hehe
lol !

Kadine went for competition .... again... good luck in everything je..

I love myself ... !!

Monday, April 6, 2009


So boring ...
nothing to do...



Hari sukan damn boring.


boring je...

nothing to write edi ..

Sunday, April 5, 2009


oh my god..he is so so so so so so cute...start to like him wei....seriously... oh my god larrrrrrr
what a childish boy ...hehe...
cute !!!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

You are so stupid

haiz.... feel like giving up..but you are so attractive.. oh...go die lah you..hehe..== how I wish you never exist ...I am not evil lar .. ==
it's the matter of fact ..

I ♥ you

Ki Siao

I woke up at 6.30 am today because I have to go to school. The bus will be leaving at 7.00 a place call ( don't know) for Thinking Day..

Thinking Day ~~

I went there before and I think it was last two years. I rushed like an idiot and tied my hair like....duh~so messy wei... I reached school and saw Yee Wen, Siew Thong and Yee Hui ~ngam ngam datang .. fuhh~~ lucky..


narhh... this place ...

Actually, the reason girl guides went there were
* guard of honour
* shadow

Shwu Yee,Soh Kuan, Yee Wen, and a few other ppl - shadow ( quite yam gung )hehe.

Thong and I er..and most of the girl guides - guard of honour ( thought it is easy...yam gung..wrong...WRONG !)

As usual .. we need to wait for the VIP for so so so so so long...for like 30 min or more.. my leg is like..patah-ing .. so tiring !! chiewww !!!

Thong captured this pic and I was standing beside her am not in the pic ..

( we were bored because we waited for so long ..)

The performance - 4 words to describe .. SUCK offence ..

The whole day .., I was thinking of you .. honestly, I just cannot get you out of my mind.. I miss you, i love you, i want you and i really need you .. pls don't leave me for that person you like... please ..............

you are everything to me

Friday, April 3, 2009


I am happy !! something happened today after recess ..hehe
I love that person very much but I know who that person likes.... The only thing I can do is ~~ wait for my feeling to fade ..It's hard but I believe I can do it.. gua .. ish... don't know lar .. ayo !!

Pissed off

All because of you...You changed my life ..and it sux..really sux ..I am suffering and it really hurts..I feel like changing school and I know that it is impossible because my mum won't let me to do so me..
anyone ???

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Today..went to school as usual .. bored to death because someone not around.. sien dou .. == bio and chemistry teacher were absent ..I think they went to kursus..or khusus..ayo..whatever lar..who cares ..== kinda moody today and I don't know why ..


I don't want to be ******* .. oh my .. what is wrong with me ... I don't want..I really don't want but I just love her ..

what the hell right ??

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tarik Tali

Cute Klaudia came to my class and called for 'people' tarik tali lar..I went and we (Weng Yan, Lydia, Sharwena ) tried our best to tarik tali BUT end up..the tali tarik us ... ==
I don't care ..
We tried our best wert .. I hurt my arm and I got scolded by my mum ..because she said that I have to take care of myself.. lol

I am bored to death lar ...