Saturday, March 28, 2009

Guard Of Honour

I went to HQ today for the BSS thingy.. Siew Thong and Michelle went ..We need to salute them and guess what.?? We waited for the 'dai yan mak' for like long ..make us sweat like hell men..exp me, Thong and Michelle because we stood right there !! the hot sun !! awhhh.. I can feel my sweat dripping from my neck to my body and my back to my ass !! eewwww ... BBQ !!
so uncomfortable lar ..

Pictures ~~~

Sweating like awhh...

Thong and I ..


I reached home feeling so tired !! extremely exhausted!!
Later.., Pn.Toh called me and tell me about the BAKP stuff ..She asked me to go to her house and get the form and all that .. My mum kind..hehe..LoL
I called a few person .. but they cannot make it ..
rimas lar ...

I ♥ you

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