Friday, April 20, 2012

Nobody else.

Hey peeps,

I created a new blog. Not because I hate my current blog or I want another new blog. It's one of my assignments. Pretty interesting and fun project but I really suck in blogging especially with this new way and 'technique' to blog. I am not that smart geek who knows everything. Well, to be frank, I don't even know how to download songs from the net. You guys must be wondering where the hell I get all my songs, right? Aah, sister. Pendrive-copy-paste. 

I wonder if I have ruined my image. A few seconds ago. 

Whatever. Life moves on.

If time could ever turn back, I wish nothing of these will ever happen. Life now is so complicated with so many two-faced people. They were like so good to you and the very next minute, the don't even bother to say a word to you. We used to be so close. So close that I thought nothing could ever tear us apart. And hey, I am not saying my ex because he is no longer my ex anymore. If you get what I mean. 

Sometimes, love fools us. Agree not?

Signing off,

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