Friday, October 30, 2009

Plan ? Yes !

I sat on my table with my left hand supporting my head.

How I wish the SPM examintation is over. Well, don't misunderstand. I am not one of the SPM candidates, okay ?? Obviously is my sister who will be sitting for SPM.

there are many things I cannot do right now. I can only go shopping with her after her stupid exam. I have plenty things to buy and do. Firstly, I will head to the Malaysia's best restaurant- which I do not know mana. C'mon ! It is already 14th of December when the SPM examination is over - which also mean I do not have to beware of the food I take. Can't wait for all those scrumptious food !! FOOD FOOD FOOD !

yeye, nai nai, uncle and aunty keep reminding and warning me - not to eat with my eyes shut ! xD

Oh ya ! I also want to have my hair fix ! Of course a BIG NO NO to straighten my hair. I plan to dye my hair. Perhaps pink colour ? haha. NO WAY !

and and, I want to buy a handbag. Red colour is sexy, eh ?? Mum says she will buy branded watches again for sister and I. Geeeee. I don't want ! I prefer a new Sony Ericsson. :) I got bored with my current one.

By the way, Raymond Lam will be having a concert at Genting Highland. I seriously want to go. He is sooooo HAWTT !!!

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