Saturday, October 24, 2009


Just back from tuition a few minutes ago. Mum went shopping and bought lots of biscuits - seriously. A total of 6 packets of 'tiger biscuit' and few more packets of 'chips more'. Obviously, a big, greedy rat like me would love them but too bad, so sad, they are not for me. There are for my sister who will be going for National Service. What a pity. xD

Thanks to Xing Ni who borrowed me a storybook. - Chinese Cinderella. I finished it in 1 day and even cried. It is a very 'yam gung' story. People, you should read it. Seriously.

Mum bought 2 watches for sister and I. It doesn't suit me at all because the watch is just too big. Gee. Thanks anyway. (:

Blogging is something really boring. LOL.

till then.

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