Friday, March 26, 2010

Felt A Jolt in Your Heart ?

'Yo', again.

I neglected my blog. I know my blog is dead but I don't give a damn about it. I have better and more things to do so deal with it.

Happy Belated Birthday, Mommy.

My sister and I bought cakes for mum. She bought hers and I bought mine. Special thanks to Terence for accompanying me that day. We walked around Kuchai Lama looking for bakery shops but no. none of them. I really wanted to give mum a surprise and I did not wish her early in the morning because I do not want to ruin my plan. Terence and I looked extremely haggard especially the poor me with my soaked (with sweat) Full-U. We took a cab to OUG, got into one of the bakery shops, picked one, paid and nipped back to school. In the evening, sister and I took the cakes out with candles on them. Mum was flabbergast ! I know I am a good daughter. *wink*

Next, congrats sister ! For getting 5A+s, 6As and 1B+ for SPM. Don't forget what you promised me. Lunch at Zanmai. (: Gee ! I am getting hungry already !

We are having our first term exams. 13 days more to suffer. How pathetic! Lucks to me, baby.


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