Sunday, February 21, 2010

Life is going to be miserable.

I went to Seremban for 2 days only - Monday and Tuesday. How sad. Thanks to my sister lorr because she has class on Wednesday. ):

Whatever it is, I visited some of my relatives houses and oh my, awesome! I think dogs are somehow lucky. This was what I saw that Tuesday, dogs with comfortable 'house' ( yeah. they, the 17 dogs, have their own house punya.) and fans and air-conditional. How ridiculous right ? bitches and bastards are so lucky ! aiks.

Next, my friends and I went to bai nin or is it bai lin, pai lin, pai nin ( who cares la, you know, I know can lor ) on Thursday. Overall, it was okay but the weather was 'fantastic'! It was so hot and you can actually see me sweating from my head to my neck to my bodehh and yeah to my sexy legs. We met up and walked WALKED to Che Lim's house. It felt so great walking under the hot sun. Better than sunbathing. -,-

Allyssa's house, Michelle's and Nicholas's house. Sorry, stupid bitch, I can't go your house because I have to meet wei wei. (: Yeah, special thanks to Michelle, Connie, Allyssa and Roveen for accompanying me. =) I love you people.

Yoong Wei is really naughty and funny but you will not know the fear I faced when I was talking to him. Even though he is my stepbrother but well, I think some of you know what I mean, right?

Another Sunday, how fast! School is going to reopen, again and I have to face problems again. I hate the feelings struggling for the ways to solve addmad questions and yeah, other subjects as well. Thanks to someone who actually taught me. (:

Till then.

su poh.

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