Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To the window, to the wall.

Today was one of the most stupid day in my life, my entire life. It felt so good running in the rain and laughing out loud with friends. I never get to 'play' in the rain because my mum will never let me. She says I fall sick easily. -,-
My shirt and shorts were soaked with rain water and 'thank god' I was wearing white T.(being sarcastic) It was cold, yeah, hell cold and the wind was strong. sibeh cold .

Reached Kadine's house, like finally. We had our so-called awesome lunch - cup noodle -,- in the sauna. Yeah, food is not allowed but who cares ? We had fun and that's it! ;D I even ate chips in the toilet with Kadine. It may sounds wrong and ridiculous but we did. urm, I did. ;D

Frankly, I start to love Wednesdays.

Su Poh.

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