Friday, August 20, 2010

My sexy 17th. ;D

Happy Birthday,
Darren and Elian !
and to myself !

Isn't it sweet when someone baked cake for you on your birthday ? Thanks darling for your lemon cheese cake. It was scrumptious, honey. Yes, I mean it. ;)

It was 1.08 o'clock in the morning when he told me that he was already waiting for me outside my house. I went down and saw him standing - with his car's engine off. We talked for a while and suddenly, he pointed towards his car and joked, ' fire! '. This was when I saw lights in his car.

I was stunned when he opened the car door and took the cake out. Yeah, with lighted candles on it. I was even shocked when Yau Shien and Mei Teng came out from the back sits. ;D

Thanks people ! Yeah, to those who wished me and Thong, your present, thanks !

Now I know how much you love me and how sweet you are. Thank you, darling. ILY.

Till then.

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