Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All eyes on us.

Sometimes, I really wonder. Do people actually read my blog ? I know, yes I know, I abandoned my blog for a few months but I tried my best updating them as frequent as I can nowadays.

Here goes what happened today.

I had my lecture class at 10 in the morning and tutorial class at 12.30. Friends and I were late for class for about 15 minutes ( luckily it was English class! Not much things to catch up :] ) because we went to a restaurant located IN our college to have lunch for the very first time. We didn't know they serve the food one after one, which means, they only serve the 2nd food after the 'customers' (mainly Tarcians) finish the first one. The so-called waiter and waitress there are students from TARC who study Hotel Management. So damn cool and interesting !

The weird and awkward moment was when four of us stepped into the restaurant, all the 'workers' looked at us and said 'welcome'. We were the first customer so its like damn pai seh. lol.

For the food, I rate 2/5. I don't really like the food there (cooked by Tarcians too). The food look delicious and nice but I never expect it to taste like that.

Pictures will be uploaded later. Stay tune. =)

Lots of love,


  1. course, i always read your blog^^

  2. oh my god. i am so shocked !my god my god. never belived that you read my blog. (: thanks anyway. (: xoxo