Sunday, December 4, 2011


In a blink of an eye, it is already December and a few more weeks, its 2012 ! High school, 5a9, besties, Club, Girl Guide, boyfriends, everything seem to happen yesterday. Like we always say, time flies on super -fast wings. Everything seem to move so fast, so fast that sometimes I wish to stop, to pause that moment so that I can enjoy a lil, to enjoy every bits of life but hey, life is pathetic, always pathetic, right? There's no way time could turn back and all we can is to treasure every moment we have. Human do get old.

Life has been pretty hectic. Lots of assignments and presentations and worse, debate with 3 camera recorders with audience to ask questions. I never knew such tasks are for us, the future teachers to be completed. I guess that's all for this semester and then I heard someone in the crowd saying, 'there's more to come.'


Life. This is life.

Nicole Tee.

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