Thursday, June 21, 2012

The five of us.


It's the first week of semester 3. Pray hard that everything goes as I want. (: First good news, the college finally cancel the food package. I can now save more of my allowance and get a new smart phone. Yeehaa.

Thank god everything returns to how it was before. It feels really good that we can now have fun with each other and talk craps with each other. At least there is no gap between us, or maybe still a little.

One more, I will never ever going to give a shit about you anymore. What am I to you? Coming to me only when you are left aside or when your friends are not around? Only talk to me when you are lonely or left out? So, I am your back up plan? Plan B? Get a life man. I have never met someone like you before-selfish, silly and retarded. Shit you.

Aah, don't ruin my mood.


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