Monday, September 10, 2012


Have you guys been wondering where have I been for the past few months?

I was pretty lazy updating my blog and yours truly was admitted to the hospital for a month, missing college for six weeks. I'm actually still on medical leave till the eleventh of October but thinking of the assignments, I couldn't just sit back and relax.

I started college last Monday and as expected, loads of assignments awaiting me. To make my life even merrier, I have to face the two faced people in my college. I am now confused and irritated by how people change so easily, anytime and anywhere they want. Shit man.

One more, humans nowadays really need to be a little more considerate. Not much, only a little more, please. I understand how everyone wants to go back hostel so desperately everyday but hey, don't push. Especially when I'm in front of you people. My last operation was on the 13th and it's not even a month yet. Are you guys going to take the responsibility if anything happens to me?

Aah, pathetic, hectic life.

Till then.

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