Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adoi !!!

I am back.
back from the stupid hospital. The first operation was on 27 th of July and let me tell you what they did to me.

Here .. they cut off one of my ribs and widen my rib. Then they push my right lung in and betulkan the shape of my lung. They also cut off some of my tissues ( yes, tissues ! ) and muscles so that when I go for my second operation, my skin and organs won't stretch too much.

I remember ...
the long pathway they used that lead to the O.T. and the blue bed that I lied on it .. the lights that shine so bright that I hardly open my eyes. I slept when they inject something ..

I woke up and all I felt was pain. HOLLY !! The part I hate the most - when they took the chest tube out. ( a 12 cm ++ long tube that was put into my body (lead to my lungs))

They did not inject any ubat bius laa .. the doctor asked me to take a deep breath and hold and guess what ??! the doctor kept saying sorry !!!! ( because it is going to hurt a lot ! yes ! a lot ! lol )
I did and when the doctor count to 3 .. he pulled the tube out from my body and I felt the organs moved. I cried so much because it hurts laarrr wei. I cried even more when they sew my bodyyy ( err .. the hole larr ) imagine laaa .. adoi !

aiyaa .. life in the hospital suck laaa


will tell more about my second and third operation in the next post because my back is tired right now. (:

till then.


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