Friday, July 24, 2009 sweet. :D

Everyone finished their oral test today and I like Mun Fai and Suresh's the most - The Golden Bra. They really did a great job and the part I laughed the most is The Curse - Ala@#*~@ fow fow. Everyone including the teacher laughed too. xD

Today will be my last day of school and I can only be back after my operation, urmm.. around 1 or 2 months. Hopefully everything go well. (: God is always beside me. heh.

Thank you auntie Joyce who gave me advices and supports. She called me and we talked for more than 40 minutes. She even asked me what I like the most and promised me that she will buy for me anything I like. She says she will visit me. Awww .. malu larh. =(
and and also to all my friends. I read all of your blogs and urm .. messages and ohh .. terharu larhh. xD
These are what they wrote =)

su poh, good luck in your op. must come back to school next time taller and sexier arr ;) haha. take care.


Oh ya good luck Su Poh!! Hope your operation will success. Hehe^^
Siew Thong

GoodLuck to MissTee for your operation, get well soon =) , and dont worry I will miss you like nuts! hehe, loveyou.
Mei Yu

Oh by the way, to ms Su Poh, I'll pray for your operation. May it be a success. :) This girl i tell you, she's one of my crazy friend. A very happy go lucky person and laugh at just about everything :D She can be very very angry in this moment, and next when you turn around, she's already laughing. hahahahah.
Shin Wei

I wish Su Poh all her best in her operation. Do heal and come back to school early! We miss your mad, sudden burst of laughters that always has everyone in class looking at you. :P
Tsu Chung

good luck all the way :) we love you
Francis and friends.

I will always support you, Good LUcK FoR YoUR OperaTiOn ^.^
I'll miss you... Take care..
C. Kai Sheng

First of all, I wish Su Poh all the best in her coming operation. I hope she will recover fast and come back to school as soon as possible. May the god bless her . ^.^
Zhee Meng

wish su poh sis ..good luck in her operation mistake ,sucess forever ..
loves hann jian =P
Hann Jian

Thanks Weng Yan. I saw the messge you texted me. (: I am happy .., you know ??
and also thank you ~> Bro, MK, Alyssa, Roveen, Meng, Nic, Pra, Shar, Dada, Xuan, Lydz, Yew, Tasha, Ai, Chee Han, darling Ka Hing xD, Spen, Ho, Sk, Des, (friends- urmm..some of the EXP ppl baa), Kien, Eu, Michelle, ying yen, eeva, xin mei and others ( banyak nii .. ) for your lucks.

Thank You ...

Going to hospital on Monday. I have to pack all my things and stuff them into my luggage ! Gee.. bringing my handphone .. or not ?? I want to bring lots of food but mommy says NO. =( I want to bring my bolster along too .. ! aikss. Mum told me ~~> ''bring mai the whole house go lorhh, ban.'' ==
*no worries, ks. I will be fine. (:
*bro, sis always sayang you. =)

By the way, I won't be updating my blog for a period of time. (after Monday)

sing me a lullaby ..

till then.

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