Friday, November 6, 2009


Everyone is happy because final exam is finally over but I don't think it affects me because I didn't really put efforts in my studies. I used to act nonchalantly when there are exams going on. Somehow, I start to feel nervous when smart people like Zhee Meng, Connie and so on are so worry about their examinations and results when they are already - super smart.

I saw ZM's blog and I know what he meant - **exclude below average students **. I realise that I did really bad in my exam. I am afraid I cannot score well in my SPM.

I know I am not that stupid ( not perasan larhh xD ) but I am seriously LAZY. damn damn damn lazy.
''Every time I open the book - I close my eyes. Every time I close the book - I open my eyes. ''
- auto tidur punya.

I really want to seek greener pastures !

One more thing, I bet somebody will definitely act to be worry in front of me after reading this post. Don't be a jackass, please.
Don't ever ask me who the person is or else I will seriously give you a smack on your buttock ! :) Geeee

and oh, 'someone',
You should actually correct my mistakes and not by teasing and telling me that you are better than me and whatsoever ..
or .. ?
Are you actually insulting me ? I have already asked my teacher and she said there is no mistake. So, I think you just want to make a fool on me.
You know who you are. =)

Till then.

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