Friday, February 12, 2010


I actually abandoned my blog. I am sorry to my faithful readers :) for not updating my blog. You see, I was/am so busy with my homework ( banyak like shit like that ), my tuition stuffs - you know, essays, assignments., project and shit of the shit, oral.

Back to what happened for the past few days. Last Wednesday, we had club meeting. Exploration club members were divided into 13 groups. Activity was pretty lame. They were asked to find marbles in a box contained worms - yeah, big, fat, ugly worms. =) Thanks to Chen Wei's dad for catching those worms. Don't ask me why his dad doesn't want to buy. (:

We had the jualan amal that Wednesday. It was terrible. I mean, the food, drinks, stuffs they sold are terrible. The bubble tea was the worst one ever I tried. Can't put the blame on them also because there was no electricity. ):

I don't know who gave me the chocolate. Thanks anyway. =)

poo poo

Till then.

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