Thursday, February 4, 2010

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Tagged. =)

Bold whichever applies.

1. I’m a boy.
2. I’m gay.
3. I’ve kissed a girl.
4. I’ve kissed a boy.
5. I have a facebook account.
6. I have a myspace account.
7. I know who Sid Vicious is.
8. I wear glasses.
9. I’m left-handed.
10. I’m flat-footed.
11. I write stuff on my skin.
12. I have Sex Pistols in my iPod.
13. I smoke.
14. I drink.
15. I’m agoraphobic.
16. I wanna leave home when I turn 18.
17. I hate my school.
18. Someone already broke my heart.
19. I already broke someone’s heart.
20. I prefer books over movies.
21. I’m bilingual.
22. I swear a lot.
23. My parents don’t know I smoke.
24. or drink.
25. I sleep on a couch.
26. I secretly despise most of my friends.
27. I take pictures of myself a lot.
28. I smile a lot.(to people I care about)
29. I don’t care about my nails.
30. My iPod is my best friend.
31. I lie at least five times a day.
32. I care about what I wear.
33. I’m an attention-whore.(I know someone who is...)
34. I want to be a parent when I grow up.
35. I wanna get married.
36. I just nod when I don’t get what other people say.
37. I care about what other people think.
38. I’m always late for everything.
39. I do the peace sign when someone takes a picture of me.
40. I play an instrument.
41. I sleep with a light on.
42. I care about my cellphone.
43. I can’t live without a cellphone.
44. I’ve talked to a stranger online.
45. I think my siblings are cute
46. I once had a crush on my teacher.
47. I sing along when I hear my favorite song.
48. I look at the keyboard when I type.
49. I use the finger often.
50. I make faces when my enemy/people I hate aren’t looking.(roll up my eyes more like it)

I tag :
bitch sisters,
bastard brothers,
sui gung,
kai sheng,
and those who read this.


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