Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve wasn't that exciting after all. Only the last few hours before Christmas was okay. I went out at 9.45 pm with him. Thanks to him, worked even on that day. -,- Obviously all my plan was ruined.

We went to a restaurant near fga church. He ordered two plates of grilled lamb, a bowl of porridge and barbecued chicken wings. Food was scrumptious. Like, really ! Movie was next. Met some of his friends at Mid Valley. Wei actually called my mum to ask for permission - whether I am allowed to watch or not. Mum was okay with it so we watched Vampire Warriors. Well, I expected something better. :( Reached home at 2 something in the morning and found mum sleeping on the sofa. :D

Off to Seremban the next day. On the way, family and I went to Kajang Satay. The best satay ever !

Blah blah blah. Nothing much actually.

Today is our 7 months anniversary. Stupid fat pig, did not even wish me. o0o Ughh. Life sucks.

Till then.

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