Saturday, December 11, 2010

What A Day !

Why is my life so miserable ? Why isn't everything goes as I planned ? This is my damn life man.

Sister and I planned to go Sungei Wang this morning but ended up, mommy coming to me when I was brushing my teeth, telling me not to go. I was like - damn pissed off. She asked us to go tomorrow instead. Next, what happened was, mommy phoned up one of my aunties and asked her to join us tomorrow. Which mean, MOMMY. AND. AUNTIE. WILL. BE. COMING. ALONG. WITH. US! and I won't be able to get what I want and what I like. Oh gosh. This is just so wrong!

Thanks to that 'businessman' - busy working even before SPM ends. Thank god for making me a lonely girlfriend. I hope you see this and c'mon, do something! heh. -,-


Thanks to someone who actually accompanied me. GEEZ.

Su Poh.

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