Saturday, August 20, 2011


It seems that I abandoned my blog for 2 weeks already. First day of college was not bad after all. Ah wei fetched mum and I to the new college and was sleeping the whole time during the orientation talk. Damn. Embarrassing. Everyone there thought he's my brother because as what they said, we were too close. Gee. Had breakfast and lunch together with mum and there, he went sleeping again. wtf.

Life has been pretty hectic for the past 14 days. I am getting used to my new college except for the so-not-awesome food. Have to face the same damn fish and vegetable everyday. Gosh, its killing me.


Back to to lectures. Thank god they are not Malaysian. Love the way they talk in English and their super duper sweet and lovely smiles. They never fail to smile. HEH.

Happy sexy 18th, leng lui Nicole. HEHE.

Had an awesome surprise from Him, Jia Seng, Chee Yin, Yao Shien, Amanda, Wei Liang and that's all I think. This was what happened. Yao Shien called me at 1 something telling me that ah wei had accident and bunch of Indians wanted to beat him up for knocking over the Indian's car. Yao Shien asked me to accompany him because he said he was afraid. Damn. I went down after asking permission from mum and that's when bunch of idiots came out and sang birthday song with 1 cabbage on each of their hands. I cried not because I was touched but because I was pissed off. I can't believe I'm stupid enough to believe. Gee. I love the New York Cheese Cake he bought and really appreciated the surprise he made and friends who were willing to come out in the middle of the night for me. (:

Thanks, darlings. =)

And thanks mommy for buying me a laptop for my birthday present. heh (:

Going back to Cyberjaya later and will be back next Friday! All the best to myself. Heh.


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