Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Day.

7 Days after my birthday. Time flies like super fast. How I wish I could travel back to the past. Oh, I miss my friends and high school !

I was really touched when my college friends gave me a lil surprise on Monday night. It was when they sang birthday song when I saw a formal clothe hung in my wardrobe with my name sew on it. Kononnya want to see what kind of formal clothes I have in my wardrobe. Gee !

Next, was the BBQ party I went yesterday night. Get to meet all my high school friends and some of them really changed a lot and some, duhh, still the same. I was shocked when Siew Thong brought out the birthday cake, everyone sang but I was still wondering whose birthday it was, so did Michelle. Till when they said the names at the end of the song.

Thanks a lot, my darlings. (:

Holiday for 1 week. Damn, have no idea what I can do.

Till then.

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