Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Brain damage

Travelled all the way back to Seremban to have dinner with the family. It was my grandparents' 60th anniversary. I was glad to see everyone again especially Kent, one of my long lost cousins who works at Singapore.

Food was awesome I can say. The only regret was I can't eat chicken. Damn.

I can't describe how I feel right now- too tired to even think of anything. I burnt the midnight oil the day before and I only slept like two hours. I was considered lucky because some of my friends didn't get to sleep at all. Hah. Pathetic.

I believe there will be people talking or well, gossiping what happened to us two. I have nothing to say about that but mind you, I am not the type who abandon friendships. Unless, you started ignoring me or you betray me. Perhaps you might be wondering the hell you did but hey, you should know more than me. Don't treat me like a trash. Coming to me when you have problems and ditching me away when you are done or maybe, not in the mood.

I always believe voicing out is the best choice and I still think it is. So here, everyone is not perfect and you can't just claim that she irritates or annoys you just because of her personality. You don't like it, you start ditching her and this is so damn wrong. Bear it in your mind that if everyone does the same thing as you do, you will be soon alone again because others might not like your personality too. As I mentioned earlier, nobody is perfect.

Aah, life.

Signing off.

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