Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Bonjour ~

Life has been pretty hectic with loads of assignments to be completed, not to mention, presentations and group tasks too.

I can handle these, I told myself. I am a super girl. Nothing can ruin me, nothing can ruin my mood- not until one of my lecturers kept asking for my assignments every single f*king time she sees me. Damn. To be frank, I hate it when people keep repeating the same thing. It's not that I am not going to hand in or whatsoever but hello, I have other subjects too. I have other assignments too. I need to hand them through the LMS before the time is up. I'm not saying yours is not important, but pretty please, be considerate and rational.

Thanks for making me sound like a grandma. Peeps, I don't mean to nag and I am not those long winded type but sometimes, things go out of control. Heh.

College banned facebook again. I am starting to hate college too.

Life sucks.

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