Sunday, February 22, 2009


He did something that I don't like. So, from that day onward , my feelings toward him had completely fade. I tried my best to avoid him . I don't even dare to tell him that I don't like him anymore because I told him before that my feelings toward him will never fade and even ask him to believe me.. I feel very guilty lar .. This is the reason I felt so moody.. for the past few days.

Yesterday, he sent me this ..
~ R u free now ? ****** here . I got something to ask you .

I replied only after a few minutes . I don't know why..

He asked me whether I realise that our relationship had change..
Deep in my heart.. I know !! but I told him .. I don't know ..

He said ..
~ y dun we like last time like that ? smile smile and laugh laugh... I don't want to lose a fren ..

I smiled ...and said okay !!

fuhh~~~ RELIEVE !!!

Thank god .. for everything ...

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