Monday, May 4, 2009


I took my BAKP test on the Friday, Sat and Sun . So tiring wei ..That stupiak fire .. terbakar my face and my finger .. luckily , my face still okay stupiak finger ..owh..painful ..
grrr ..
cacat !

ayoyo ..

here are some pictures ..

I did this for my kraftangan ..


just for you

my campsite ..
dapur di belakang lar ...

narhhh ..
my stupiak kitchen ..

lazy to tie big gadjets lar ..
mini mini will do ..
cute ma ..

my flag pole ..
yam gung .. coz of the wind lar ..

more pictures ..~~

I hope he will get well soon .. It's like so sad to hear that he is sick .. haiz ..Hopefully he is okay now .. I love you
btw, sorry for not answering your call today .. Saya sedang berehat di atas katil selepas letih berada di hadapan komputer ..kemudian tertidur ... heh.
sorry ya ..

with loves ,

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