Friday, May 29, 2009


Skipped school yesterday because I was so tired and ..yeah .. lazy.
C'on people .. who wants to go to school , sit there do nothing like an idiot ? erm.. perhaps some rajin people. heh. I would rather choose to sleep on my comfortable bed, hug my bou bou (bolster) and sms my darling. :) so much better huh ??
I have to go to school again for COH (ajk meeting lar) at 1.30 till 2.30 pm..
well well well, nothing much actually. They were actually talking about blogs and Puan Doreen and all that stuff. :( not related also ..
so it was kinda boooooooringggg
narhhh ..
who cares ??
as long as I went , attend the meeting and that's it. more than enough.

and ofcourse, luckily and fortunately someone special accompanied me. :)
so sayyyyy CHEESE !! hahah. lOl.
narhhh .. he is always there when I need him the most. :)
loves. ♥

After that, Thong and I went to see Terence and his .. er so-called members' performance. I mean practising . For Hari Guru (which is today). ~ ponteng again. heh. ^^


Ain't they cool ??
Desmond and Joey are great dancers !


That's all .

take care. farewell. be good. goodbye.

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