Friday, November 20, 2009


Oh! I smelled something! The aroma! To my curiosity, I headed to the kitchen and oh! chicken!! Ppfttt. (:

Hello peeps. Apparently I had been neglecting my blog for quite a time. Sorryyyy

I am actually addicted to one of the Facebook games - Guess the sketch challenge. Everytime I play, my heart pounds like a thousand horses during a stampede. Gee. Players there are somehow friendly, sweet and really funny. =)

A couple of days ago, I went to the temple-with mommy. After praying and all that stuff, we headed to the canteen and chose to sit at a corner. I saw a Form 5 student there. I fidgeted
uneasily in my seat. I just do not know why. An old lady approached and asked for hand phone. Obviously she wanted to make a call. She gave me a few numbers written on a piece of paper with Chinese words beside each number. She told me the name of a man and asked me to dial the number. I was dumbfounded but I managed to tell her that I do not know Chinese.
I was like a helpless and desperate scarecrow, standing erect and being laughed at and despised by the crows and ravens. I blushed when she showed me her shocked, surprised face.
I breathed a heartfelt sigh of relief when mommy helped me.
Geeee. What a useless girl I am.

I used to think that no one in this world can be trusted .. but somehow, I am wrong. I realised that there is a person whom I can put faith in. We argue over little things for fun and he says many stupid things just to make me laugh, to make me happy. hahah! You stupid nincompoop. =)
Thank you, wei kien.
Felt a jolt in your heart ?

I feel like eating something right now ..
Let's attack the food with gusto !!

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