Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh, I am a backbone Queen (:

I was doing my essay given by Ms Colleen and all in sudden mommy came in my room asking me to get prepared because Auntie Jennifer had phoned up asking us to meet her at her house. Gave the bangs of my hair one last fiddle before hurrying out with mommy and cousin Joan to the door. On the way to Aunt Jennifer's house, mum told me that we will be heading to shopping complex to get my urm .. stuff - with aunt. Geee.

Reached there in less than 20 minutes and went to Ladies Department. Tried on shirts, b*** and blahhh. Paid money and ciao.

Headed to Auntie Jennifer's house and had tea time there. Oh, how I love her nonya kuih! It was scrumptious. Aunt asked me to stay overnight but a backbone queen like me (LOL) rasanya tak
boleh lahh.
Gee. Perhaps some other time.

Ohhh ..
Shower my cheeks with butterfly kisses ..


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