Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Guest Room

Okay..,I was invited to Yee Wen's opening ceremony. The Guest Room. Well, she invited a few other girl guides too..- thong , yee hui, chaw hui and so on..Everyone gets a packet of Chocolate ..^^

can you see that box of chocolates on the table ??

The ceremony end at 12.00 pm and I have to stay back for my BAKP meeting 'meeting' ..
kadiavale !!
only one person came ..== I was like so pissed off , so I called them (the others) and asked ..
well well well. ..
parent busy
no transport
and blabla...
(I know you ppl are busy ..really busy I don't mind..^^ I am in good mood...yarhhhh)( LWY and HBY .., I know you ppl can't make it ..nvm ...^^ )
ayahh...nvm lar ... I am a GOOD kem komanden !!!!!!
LoL !

I canceled my meeting and choosed to tie gadjets. Hui Xia and I (2 of us only) tied all the gadjets in less than 2 hours ! fuhh~~ GENG leh ..ngekngek ... lol !
thanks hui xia for helping me .. ^^

I hurt 3 fingers because of that stupiak rafia (don't know how to spell) strings..It hurts alot leh...ayo..but nvm ..for my test..I am willing to sacrifice !! Lol !! (ignore me.. I am insane )

reached home at 3++ pm..

oh ya..!!!
before I lupa..
sorry Vernon .. I have to say out your name ( I am not a bad sista) ^^
because 'somebody' misunderstand ..thinking that they (he and she) are the 1 I mentioned in the last post ..
SORRY Vernon !! I know you don't mind ..
right ???

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