Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just sEe

LOOK ! see how cute this girl is !! oh my god..the way she kiut ...


okay..I think we both have the same similarity ...WE LOVE TO EAT !

last wednesday .. we went for bio tuition ..yala..Pn.Lai .., obviously ..and guess what happen ..?? wei wei asked teacher for FOOD because she lupa to bring hers .. LOL !!
ya... teacher gave .. Joey came to our table because he wants to eat too ...LOL !!

here ...

the one in circle table so messy to study ?? lawl ..

okay..the chocolate rox !!

full with nuts .. ^^

the paling bottom that thingy rox...i love it !!

I ate too much nuts lar...My face ..pimples ... :(

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