Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ki Siao

I woke up at 6.30 am today because I have to go to school. The bus will be leaving at 7.00 a place call ( don't know) for Thinking Day..

Thinking Day ~~

I went there before and I think it was last two years. I rushed like an idiot and tied my hair like....duh~so messy wei... I reached school and saw Yee Wen, Siew Thong and Yee Hui ~ngam ngam datang .. fuhh~~ lucky..


narhh... this place ...

Actually, the reason girl guides went there were
* guard of honour
* shadow

Shwu Yee,Soh Kuan, Yee Wen, and a few other ppl - shadow ( quite yam gung )hehe.

Thong and I er..and most of the girl guides - guard of honour ( thought it is easy...yam gung..wrong...WRONG !)

As usual .. we need to wait for the VIP for so so so so so long...for like 30 min or more.. my leg is like..patah-ing .. so tiring !! chiewww !!!

Thong captured this pic and I was standing beside her am not in the pic ..

( we were bored because we waited for so long ..)

The performance - 4 words to describe .. SUCK offence ..

The whole day .., I was thinking of you .. honestly, I just cannot get you out of my mind.. I miss you, i love you, i want you and i really need you .. pls don't leave me for that person you like... please ..............

you are everything to me

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