Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shake HeaD

Sometimes , I really cannot imagine what will happen when a girlfriend don't believe her boyfriend..This was what happen just now ..

A girl thought that I am having an affair with her boyfriend ..( it's not funny) I was like .. you must be kidding .. your boyfriend is like so 'kind' ( no offence) ..... She kept asking me questions regarding ME and his bf ..

can i ask you something ??
what ? sure ..
my bf got another gal izit ??
har?? no ..wat make u say tat??
got.. ..
can I ask u something ??
he likes u b4 ??
no...y pulak suddenly say tat??


She kept asking me and I was like trying to control myself not to scold her...but it's okay ..fuhh~~~
she is pretty ..really pretty and I don't think her bf deserves a gf like her ..but .. she really must believe her bf .. (don't so small gas lar )
She thinks that I like her bf ..( if lar ) and she purposely tell me all nonsense ..telling me what her bf did to her lar ..telling me how 'yeng' her bf is lar ..and even tell me that his bf is going to her house ..blablabla == and I was like ... so ?? what the hell I care ??

aiks ..
girl...he loves you must believe him ..


my mum went to tesco juz now..and brought a tin of Jacob biscuits .. I was like ...oh..gosh...yeay !! I love it !!!


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