Monday, December 14, 2009


I think I have insomnia nowadays. I could not sleep properly every night. I have so many tasks and exercises for me to complete, not included the minimum 20 essays which is only 15/100 % of all my works. I just feel like banging my head on the wall. =,=

The tuition I attend in the beginning of the December is not bad. My tuition teacher a.k.a fart face is hell fierce and I got scolded in his first lesson. He said I was not paying attention and blahh because I can't answer one of the four questions he gave. Yeah .. faced the music in front of 40 plus students but I was quite lucky because there were some other students who got more scolding than me. It is a must to read through and memorize each of every sentences before attending the next lesson. Yeah .., I admit a dumb arse like me need more readings.

Other than that, I face quite a lot of problems. I have so many things to worry including the queen guide test. Log books are not done yet ! I really feel like giving up. What do you think, Siew Thong ?

I see pimples appearing on my ohsolenglui (xD) face, due to the stress I am having right now.

I have plan my schedule and everything but yesterday the fart face did some changes for some of the Form 5 classes =,= and because of that, I have to skip Chemistry class (because I am off to G.T on that particular three days.), I have to rush my addmad homework given on Sunday before this coming Wednesday, I have to finish my Biology essay by this Wednesday and oh shit, I have to hand in one set of Ms.Colleen's works to her between 18th to 20th.

dead chicken.

Wei Kien, Wei Kien, where are you ? I thought you will be here to cheer me up.

BUT nothing is going to change my mind. I am still going to MV this Tuesday with my babe. I need to relax before I explode !!


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