Tuesday, December 8, 2009


HaLoHa !!

My good-for-nothing mobile phone which I bought this year is sent for service last two weeks. I woke up in the morning and checked for messages but the screen turned out to be urmm .. blur and the words terbalik punya. Please do not text me or call my 'lap sap' phone now. Thank you. =) p/s: THAM WEI KIEN, I WILL TEXT YOU WHEN I GET BACK MY HP. GEEE

I wasted my so-called precious time in the shopping complex with mum. I wanted to buy clothes and jeans and purse and handbag and shoes and blahh but end up, I only bought purse. =,= So, I will be going to Sungai Wang this coming Thursday with sister. ;) Yeah .. even though sister has not finish her SPM yet. Gee

Sony or Nokia ?

Till then,
So long, farewell, take care, goodbye.


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