Monday, December 21, 2009


Another day gone. School is going to reopen. Fast huh ?

I went Genting Highland last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I only wanted to enjoy the view and the coldness up there and I never thought of going outdoor. You know, I am a backbone queen or yours truly, kitty - bristle back. lol.

As usual, checked in on the first day at Resort. I was texting the whole day. Nothing much happened but in the night, we went down the hill with a bus to visit a temple. It was raining and yeah, hell cold - and I was wearing shorts and sandals. lol.

Second day was pretty fun. Auntie kept asking me to go outdoor. I was like ''ehh? later the 'skru' drill out.'' lol. I went but the weather ruined the day. It was raining and I did not bring along my sweater. Junior said that I'm stupid. =,= Played those ohsonot awesome rides and got back to the hotel. Later on, went to walk around at First World with sisiter, Junior and his brother.

Oh yeah, I saw Raymond Lam when he was having rehearsal. My cousins and I heard him singing and we were like, OMG ! So, we ran like mad and peeped into the small holes at the doors. We were pushing each other. ( that situation really make me laugh. haha.) Later, we found that the last door was not locked, so we went in and saw him ! OMGEEE. He saw us and waved at us. After a few songs, a lady working there saw us and chased us out. She talked a lot and I told my sister that the lady is uglehh in front of her. Yeah, I did it it purpose. ( My friends know me well. xD )

I brought my addmad there. lol. because I have to hand in on Sunday. Stupiak fart face. I hate him! He scolded me again. =,=

Third day was bored. All of us wanted to go back badly because there's nothing else we can do there other than shopping and you know, eating.

Pictures in facebook.

Yo peeps, I think I gain weight already. My face looks fat ! Awww

Watch this, people. My friend did this. =) GEE

Till then.

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