Thursday, December 10, 2009

i sangat tired.

Kinda tired, so I will make it fast and easy. I don't give a damn about it.

Woke up early in the morning, bath and had breakfast. Went Sungai Wang and Times Square at 11+ in the morning and just reached home at 9.30pm. Bought a lot of things. - shoes, shirts, dresses, bags, and banyak more. spent 300+ bucks ( tau tak banyak laa) I saw meng kit there and others. We wanted to go back at 8++ but our sexy car was nowhere to be seen. Pergi sini sana tapi tak jumpa kereta pun. Mak sangat geram lorrr .. I pun sangat angry lorr.. ... Legs sangat sakit .. tangan also sangat lenguh. At last also jumpa kereta larrr .. Car di B1 we go cari cari at B2 .. =,= Naik kereta and ciao .. baru reach home now .. and eat .. and find him lorr .. got 7 boxes of free chocolates. woo woooo !!

My legs are very sakit now lorrr. .. aiyoo ..

Looking forward to Tuesday's outing. Sister ada pergi nii ..
geee geeeee


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