Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kaki I sakit.

Yesterday my family and I went out for lunch at 11 plus in the evening. We met up with aunt Jennifer and aunt Jenny in a restaurant - together with my cousins. Ate and went to 4th aunty's house to chit chat. Later on, mum and sis went back home but I have to stay with 3rd auntie because I will be having tuition with one of my cousins at 5.30pm. Aunt asked me to stay overnight so I did for this time. I did not bring all my stuff so I just borrowed from my cousin. heh. My cousin and I slept at 1.30 plus am just to do addmad. ( I know we are awesome xD )

I woke up around 6.45am today and aunt fetched me back home. Yeah.., early because I have to reach PappaRich at 8.30am. Jonathan will be leaving Malaysia in the noon so we had breakfast with him.

After that, went to Mid Valley with mum and headed to Jusco- today and tomorrow Jusco member days maa. Bought shirts and jeans and met up with Kadine, Mei Yu and Siew Thong. We watched Zombieland and I think it was quite boring. I was texting with Kadine and others. yeah.., Kadine was sitting beside me. =,= heh. Brought MacD in the cinema and we were laughing non stop.
blah blah. We were in the toilet for almost 25+ minutes ( right, people?) because we have no better things to do. lol. so, we took pictures. =)

P/S: I don't wear specs.
More pictures in facebook.


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