Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back To School

To all my fans, I am sorry for not updating my blog. ;p Yes, I know I am getting lazier and lazier. ):

Time flies on super-fast wings. I still remember the first day I stepped into SMK Sri Sentosa, when I was only 13 years old. I remember how good I am, with fringe tied up, short fingernails and high socks. Miss Yap even said - ''Su Poh is quiet.''

Everything seem to change. I am no longer that quiet little shy girl with short fingernails, high socks (I remember clearly in my mind what Kadine said before - 'The higher your socks, the bitchier you are.'') and tidy, neat hair (Pn.Rasidah menegur the famous kelas saya kerana banyak orang mempunyai rambut anymore.

Now, I am already 16 plus, a Form 5 student, and a more 'mature' person. I start to love my friends and my 'kononnya awesome school.' (:

Right. The first day of school was okay. I like the place I am sitting now because someone is sitting nearby me and sitting beside Natasha is great because I get to ahem with her. Not to forget, Siew Thong, my crazy partner. =)

Our class is at the highest floor and this is what I hate the most. Siew Thong and I always complain - sambil naik tangga sambil complain. lol. How I wish the new principal build an escalator. Seriously lor, very tired and my legs almost patah + I almost pengsan. lol. joking sia.

Mr.Mok Hann Jian, Mr Tham Wei Kien, Mr.Koh Chin Kim and Ms. Loi Siew Thong,
I update for you people, okay ?
Blow me a kiss larhh. =)

Till then.

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