Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let myself be sincere.

Hello people, I am here to update my awesome blog!
*drum rolls*


I saw somebody buying this much of cucumbers and sorry to say that I can't stop laughing.


Today we had the badan beruniform's meeting. Why does everyone says Siew Thong and I are fierce? 0.o
Are we?
Jangan takut weng weng. xD

I really hate some of the guides because they are so impolite and terrible. They don't respect people and yeah, they are going to suffer for the whole year from me. -,- I don't understand why they don't understand simple malay. I have to shout and yell at them just to make them pay for the fees even though I have already told them yesterday and the day before. Some are like worse - they paid, they learned the way to march, they got all the scoldings and in the end, they asked for their money because they want to quit and I have to pull my money out and that looked bad. Really bad. LOL

I was asked to see Mr.L after the meeting so I went with Kadine and Arrica. I prepared all my stuffs, wrote them nicely and neatly with my beautiful handwriting (*perasan) yesterday night for teacher. Little did I know that I have to type and print them out. -,- So the only thing I can do is, redo. Yeah .. I know I am a good V.P. deal with it, baby. =)

Kadine sent me a link of a girl's facebook. She rocks! She is so handsome weii. Yes, handsome. Don't ask me for her link, baby. You know I wont give. SHE is MINE. LOL


Oh yeah, look at what rubbish I did. heh.


Till then.

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