Saturday, January 23, 2010

Petaling Street

Okay, everything went well as what was planned in the beginning of the week. I went to Petaling Street with Tasha today and overall it was okay. At least we had fun with stupid jokes. It was quite disappointing knowing that hann jian cannot make it at the last minute because his mum doesn't let him but it is okay, don't need to feel guilty. (:

We met up at Salak Selatan's lrt at around 10 am and off to China Town. We both wore red and we looked awkward in those shops selling Chinese New Year stuffs. Later on, we went Popular and saw Chun Yew there so we talked for some time. He is terrible. lol.

Next, we headed to a shop nearby to buy waffles and bubble teas. Xin Mei, Pui Ying, blabla were there. (: Ate and went to McD. lol. Yeah, Tasha said she is hungry. lol. So we ordered 2 sets. Talked and blah. (:

We bought quite a lot of stuffs and I wasted 30 plus bucks. Awww. lol.
Went back at 4 something. =)


I lost the anklet ...

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